Department of Emergency Medicine – Vinmec Danang International Hospital


Emergency Department of Vinmec Da Nang International Hospital operates 24 hours a day, including weekends (Saturday, Sunday) and holidays.

A team of qualified, experienced, domestic and oversea well-trained doctors and nurses ensure capacity to receive and manage emergency cases. Doctors are well trained in the US, Japan, Singapore, India… ensuring good implementation of the most advanced techniques in emergency and intensive care medicine.

In addition, modern equipment and scientifically arranged system of functional rooms allow to classify and assess accurately patient’s condition. Patients are supported and received treatment quickly and promptly in the order of emergency priority, and looked after closely until the condition is out of danger.

Our Doctors
  • Well-equipped ambulance as a miniature emergency room, operating 24 hours/day.

  • Comprehensive and continuous system of functional rooms, including:

  • Triage room

  • Procedure room/ Isolation room

  • Emergency room for patient with multi-trauma

  • Emergency room for critically ill patient/ patient in danger

  • Pediatric emergency unit: has specialized emergency room, be responsible by pediatric emergency physician.

  • Subclinical system with modern equipment such as: hematology analyzer, biochemistry analyzer, automated immunoassay analyzer, molecular biology analyzer, 640-slice CT scanner, 3.0 Tesla MRI machine using silent technology…

  • System of intensive care rooms is designed with complete isolation ability and cross-contamination prevention, which ensures specialized and intensive treatment

  • Advanced intensive care techniques such as ventilation therapy, invasive hemodynamic monitoring, continuous hemodialysis, ECMO, continuous intracranial pressure monitoring, induced hypothermia…, which meet intensive care demands for patient with severe complicated diseases and major surgery.
Specialities (1)
  • On-site medical emergency service: Perform first aid for patients in life-threatening situations such as: acute respiratory failure, cardiovascular diseases, acute stroke, trauma, infection ...

  • Specific emergency/ out-of-hospital emergency service on demand: Perform first aid and patient transportation at the airport; provide medical emergency support for conferences when being requested…


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