Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine – Vinmec Hai Phong International Hospital


Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine of Vinmec Hai Phong International Hospital works during 24/24h including weekends (Saturday, Sunday) and holidays, Lunar New Year

Doctors and nurses team are highly skilled, experienced and professionally trained in Vietnam and overseas in order to receive and manage emergency cases. Doctors who are trained in America, Japan, Singapore and India perform proficiently the most advanced intensive techniques

Besides, advanced facilities and function rooms are designed scientifically to facilitate the exact triage of patient and assessment of disease status. Patients are supported and treated fast, timely according to priority level. They receive dedicated care until they pass critical serious condition

Location of Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine:

  • Emergency Medicine Unit: 1st floor

  • ICU: 3rd floor

Our Doctors
  • Emergency Medicine Unit
  • Comprehensive systems of function rooms including
  • Patient initial assessment and triage room

  • Procedure room/ isolation room

  • Emergency room management of multiple trauma

  • Emergency room care for severe and life-threatening conditions

  • Supportive subclinical system with advanced equipment such as hematology, biochemistry, automated immunology testing machine, 640 – slice CT Scan  


  • Intensive Care Unit
  • System of intensive care rooms are designed fully isolated. Cross – contamination is ruled out to offer specialized and comprehensive care

  • High techniques in intensive care such as mechanical ventilation, invasive hemodynamic exploration, continuous hemodialysis, liver dialysis, Therapeutic Plasma Exchange – TPE, hemoperfusion, Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), continuous monitoring of intracranial pressure, therapeutic hypothermia meet the needs of intensive care for major surgeries especially life-threatening medical illness

Specialities (1)
  • On-site intensive care: offer critical care in life-threatening condition such as acute respiratory failure, cardiovascular disease, acute cerebrovascular accident (CVA), trauma, infection…

  • Specialized paramedic critical care: emergency and transfer patients at airport, emergency support at conference when being mobilized

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