Emergency Department - Vinmec Nha Trang International Hospital

  • Emergency - Intensive Care Department – Vinmec International Hospital is available 24/24 every day of the week, including Saturday, Sunday and Festival holidays. 

  • Our team of doctors, nurses are intensively and methodically trained and are capable of receiving, managing emergency and critical cases, as well as always working methodically and quickly in cooperation with all of the hospital specialties.

  • Patients in Emergency-ICU Medicine are examined and diagnosed quickly and accurately, as well as being treated according to their emergency priority until they overcome their critical situations.

Our Doctors
  • Emergency unit

  • At Vinmec Hospital, the emergency room system is designed and arranged into separate areas with the system of procedure rooms, emergency room for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and emergency room for multiple trauma, creating favorable conditions for guiding and helping patients in emergency cases.
  • Emergency rooms with large areas, are equipped with modern machines and facilities, which are capable of serving many specialty groups at the same time.
  • ICU Unit

  • At Vinmec Hospital, ICU room system includes 04 units, which are designed with complete isolation ability, serves specific objectives such as surgical resuscitation, medical resuscitation and infectious zone (to isolate pathogens in patients with high risk of respiratory and Airborne transmission).

  • Along with the implementation of high resuscitation techniques such as mechanical ventilation, Continuous renal replacement therapy, Hemodialysis, etc., Vinmec Intensive Care Unit is capable of major surgeries and critical medical problem resuscitation.


Specialities (1)


  • Diagnostic subclinical tests: Blood tests, CT scan, MRI would be indicated based on the patients’ symptoms.
  • Cardiovascular Emergency: Diagnosis, timely and prompt intervention treatment such as Emergency angioplasty, which is performed by our leading experts.
  • Trauma Emergency: Experienced physicians and technicians
  • Stroke Emergency: Rapid diagnosis, treatment, hospitalization and rehabilitation right away
  • Pediatric Emergency
  • Besides, Vinmec International Hospital also provides specialized emergency services such as: Airport picking up, transferring to other medical facilities with professional resuscitation equipment; Emergency services at conferences and seminars.
  • Hospital emergency services applied to VIP customers of Vingroup and some other special customers after emergency counseling.


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