Will hemorrhoids come back after surgery?

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Currently, hemorrhoids are a fairly common disease including internal and external hemorrhoids. The disease causes many difficulties and obstacles in the process of daily living. Therefore, the need to completely cure hemorrhoids is the desire of many patients. The hemorrhoidectomy method is being used by many people.
There have been many people with hemorrhoids who have wondered before the question "will hemorrhoids come back after cutting". Here is a detailed answer to the above problem.

1. Is cutting hemorrhoids completely cured?

After removing hemorrhoids from the body, hemorrhoids can completely return if the patient continues to violate the principles of the hemorrhoid treatment regimen. Above all, if the patient still maintains a habit of eating with an irregular diet and lifestyle, specifically:
After hemorrhoid surgery, the patient still eats a lot of hard, difficult to digest food. A lot of fat will make the intestines have to work a lot to excrete stool, the risk of hemorrhoids will be very easy to return. Patients who consume too much dairy foods and drinks may experience phenomena such as: Abdominal bloating, which directly makes constipation worse, which is especially bad for those who have had hemorrhoid surgery. When the hemorrhoidectomy is completed, the patient has no sense of abstinence, staying away from stimulants such as: Alcohol, beer, coffee... can cause the body to quickly lose water, dry stools, Straining to go to the toilet makes it difficult to pass stools and pain is a way for hemorrhoids to come back. Maintaining an unscientific lifestyle is also the cause of recurrent hemorrhoids, such as: Regularly sitting a lot, doing heavy work continuously, carrying heavy loads for a long time ... affecting the anal mucosa due to pressure pressure on the anorectal area, which is fragile and vulnerable, especially after surgical removal of hemorrhoids. Therefore, after cutting hemorrhoids, whether they come back or not, it depends greatly on the care and prevention of the individual patient. Therefore, patients need to actively build a healthy and reasonable lifestyle to minimize the recurrence of hemorrhoids after treatment.

2. How to prevent recurrence after hemorrhoidectomy?

After surgical removal of hemorrhoids, to minimize the risk of hemorrhoids recurrence, patients need to pay attention to a few things below:
2.1. Follow-up after hemorrhoidectomy Re-examination after hemorrhoidectomy is very important, but most of the time this is something that many patients overlook. When going to the post-operative re-examination to assess the patient's health status and check, determine the cause leading to hemorrhoids to take measures to treat the root. For example, if you have hemorrhoids due to an unscientific diet and lifestyle, you need to adjust your daily diet right away. Or the case of hemorrhoids due to chronic constipation related to diseases such as colitis ... then the patient needs to continue to treat this pathology.
2.2. To limit constipation and reduce the risk of recurrence of hemorrhoids, patients need to remember to eat a lot of fiber, vitamins and drink enough water from 2 to 2.5 liters of water in a day. day.
Drinking a lot of water every day will help the patient's body metabolism, eliminate waste from the body, soften stools and prevent constipation. The fiber composition in foods will help the metabolism and elimination of stagnant waste in the intestines take place more smoothly. It also helps soften stools, thereby avoiding constipation.
Fiber supplements should be regularly added daily through foods containing fiber such as: Green vegetables (such as vegetables, cauliflower, carrots, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, spinach, potatoes, ... ), soft fruits (such as bananas, dragon fruit, papaya, watermelon...), cereals,...
Patients should eat more and some foods that help laxatives such as: Sweet potatoes, Dragon fruit, bananas, jute vegetables, spinach... These are foods that are both easy to digest and have a quick recovery effect after surgery. It is necessary to limit hot spicy foods, with stimulants such as: Alcohol, beer, tobacco ... because these foods can cause harmful irritation to the anus, causing the disease to recur faster.
2.3. Building a light diet, limiting fat and avoiding stimulants It is necessary to create a daily diet for patients to limit the amount of fat and spices in dishes. Note, in case the patient has had hemorrhoids cut, do not eat too salty, it will absorb water and make the stool dry, making it difficult to move in the intestines. Patients should practice the habit of eating soft and healthy foods such as: Eating porridge, soup, ... both help reduce pressure on the stomach and intestinal tract and ensure a healthy digestive system.
To help the enzyme in saliva be secreted more, support the process of digesting food faster and more conveniently, the patient needs to eat slowly, chew thoroughly throughout the meal.
Patients need to abstain from alcohol, beer, stimulants, abstain from hard foods that can cause constipation, making it possible that hemorrhoids will recur.
2.4. Maintain regular exercise and sports You want to limit the risk of hemorrhoids recurrence, you need to build a habit of hard exercise and sports. Practicing sports every day will make the metabolism easier, the functions of the anal sphincter improved, the metabolism of food more favorable in the body of the patient. You should remember that surgery to remove hemorrhoids and then back again depends greatly on the patient's exercise regime.
Patients can do some sports such as:
Walking, jogging. Swimming. Cycling Yoga... Note, patients need to practice with intensity from 15-30 minutes a day. Or you can also consult a doctor for guidance on exercises that directly affect the anal sphincter to be effective, beneficial for yourself after being removed hemorrhoids.
2.5. Establish a regular daily routine Whether or not hemorrhoids will return after cutting is also very dependent on the daily living habits of the patient. Some bad habits can lead to difficulty in going to the toilet, gradually becoming constipated and leading to recurrence of hemorrhoids. Some good habits that you need to form for yourself when you have had surgery to remove hemorrhoids such as:
Defecation habits: Going to the toilet on time, not holding back defecation... Habits of living and moving Activity: Limit sitting for a long time, often need to exercise... Hopefully, with the sharing of whether hemorrhoids can recur after surgery, the patient knows how to maintain a reasonable diet and know how Adjust your lifestyle to minimize the risk of hemorrhoids recurrence. If there are any problems after the hemorrhoidectomy, the patient should see a doctor for examination and appropriate indications.

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