How is belly fat formed?

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Belly fat is a problem that most women have, but today many men also have this problem. Reducing belly fat has never been an easy job, especially lower belly fat, because there are many stubborn fatty tissues here. But not everyone knows how belly fat is formed?

1. What is belly fat?

In our body fat exists in 3 different forms:
Blood fat Subcutaneous fat Visceral fat So belly fat can be subcutaneous fat or visceral fat layer. Visceral fat is the layer of fat that surrounds the internal organs in your abdomen, and subcutaneous fat is the layer of fat that lies just below your skin.
In which visceral fat is the most dangerous, in the long run it can cause a number of dangerous diseases such as cardiovascular disease, blood pressure, diabetes.
What kind of fat is your belly fat? To determine you just need to pinch your belly, if it is subcutaneous fat you will feel this layer of fat just under the skin and can move it with the skin easily, but if it is internal fat organs are very difficult to see with the naked eye.
Thus, the majority of lower abdominal obesity is caused by the fat layer under the skin of the abdomen, although it does not affect your health too much, but it is unsightly. To effectively reduce belly fat, it is first necessary to find out the cause and need to know how belly fat is formed.
Mỡ bụng của bạn có thể là lớp mỡ dưới da hoặc là lớp mỡ nội tạng

2. How Belly Fat Forms There are many different causes of belly fat formation. A person may have one or more different causes of this condition.
Sitting a lot, lazy to exercise: The situation of storing lower belly fat in office workers is increasingly common. This is also a topic that many office workers care about, discuss, and find ways to reduce belly fat. With the nature of the job, having to sit for too long and for too long plus unreasonable eating habits make lower belly fat even more difficult to solve.
If you are also in this situation, please stand up and exercise gently, walk around the office, the office after a few hours of sitting still at work, to warm up the body, avoid excess fat excess accumulation in the abdomen.
Due to hormones: The amount of hormones estrogen, progesterone, testosterone changes with age, causing a hormonal imbalance that leads to excess fat in different areas of the body, especially in the abdomen. Hormones in each person's body, in addition to changing with age, sometimes also change under the influence of some diseases, especially in women. Some medical conditions that can change hormones in women can be mentioned as ovarian cysts, hypothyroidism, etc. These conditions can be the cause of your belly fat formation.
Due to genetics: People who own a full body will have larger breasts than other normal people. Due to the influence of genetic factors, it will become more difficult to lose belly fat or when successful, the body can still return to its original state quickly if it does not know how to control it. Excess energy: The main cause of lower belly fat formation is an excess of calories in the body. When the amount of calories you take in is higher than the amount of calories you expend, it will lead to an excess of energy, this weight will be converted into fat stored under the skin, and the most prone area to accumulate fat is the lower abdomen. On average, you should only add about 1800-2200 calories a day to limit excess energy, because that is the level of energy needed for you to function at an average level throughout the day.
Lười vận động
Mỡ bụng hình thành do một hoặc nhiều nguyên nhân như ngồi nhiều, lười vận động, dư thừa năng lượng,...

3. Why is it difficult for you to lose belly fat? You have tried many different ways to lose belly fat but still have not been successful, even you have been fasting and eating less but the fat layer is still there, no change at all. This can be caused by one or several of the following factors:
Wrong way of training: There are many people who wonder that they have done regular exercise and even exercise with high intensity but I did not see a reduction in belly fat but only a reduction in fat in other areas of the body. The advice for you is that you should practice exercises that focus on the abdomen to effectively reduce belly fat.
Abdominal muscles are the least affected area of ​​the body, this is also the area that burns the least energy. Therefore, the exercise of abs requires perseverance to be effective.
However, you should not only practice abdominal exercises, but you need to coordinate with exercises of other muscle groups such as the back, hip area,... Because if you only focus on one workout. The area will forget the principle of burning calories, so it will not be effective, and may even cause you to experience injury.
Improper diet: A reasonable diet determines up to 60% of your belly fat loss results. Therefore, you should apply a reasonable diet with lots of green vegetables, fruits, low-starch foods, use beneficial fats, and minimize processed foods, junk foods. fast food greasy. Processed foods often contain a lot of fat, which easily causes fat accumulation in the abdomen. A diet low in green vegetables will also make your breasts bigger and bigger.
You need to eat enough food during the day to make sure you have enough energy to function during the day and do not feel hungry before going to bed. When you feel hungry before going to bed, you will eat at night, which will make the digestive process inefficient.
The energy absorbed from the night meal will be converted into fat to accumulate, mainly in the abdomen and thighs. So if you feel so hungry and it keeps you from sleeping, you should just eat a few small pieces of fruit to stop the feeling of hunger and go to sleep.
Use alcohol, carbonated drinks: Thin people but big lower belly, this is the condition of many people, it is a consequence of you drinking a lot of alcohol, carbonated drinks. While alcohol and beer increase the amount of calories you take in and hinder the process of burning energy, carbonated drinks contain a lot of sugar, which causes the body to absorb more calories than usual, thereby causing an increase in blood sugar. weight, accumulation of fat in the body, especially the lower abdomen. The amount of sugar in carbonated drinks also increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes.
Lack of sleep: The quality of your sleep has a great influence on the effectiveness of reducing belly fat. According to research, people who sleep from 5 to 6 hours a day will have a higher risk of lower belly fat, but people who sleep from 7 to 8 hours / day. When you're sleep-deprived, your body releases the nerve-suppressing hormone cortisol with the aim of helping your body overcome a lack of blood sugar. This hormone also increases blood sugar, breaks protein bonds and concentrates fat in the abdominal area.
The hormone cortisol is also produced when you experience a lot of stress. Therefore, keeping your mind and body in a relaxed state is extremely important and simple to help reduce cortisol and belly fat.
Age: As you get older, you often suffer from a number of diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease or obesity, especially the accumulation of excess fat in the abdomen. Losing belly fat is a process that requires a lot of effort and done properly, in the right way, you can achieve the desired effect.
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