Is rhinoplasty with ear cartilage safe?

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If you are thinking about rhinoplasty and looking for information before deciding, in the process of researching you may come across terms such as "cartilage rhinoplasty", "cartilage rhinoplasty" ear", ... So, what is a rhinoplasty with ear cartilage? Is rhinoplasty with ear cartilage safe? Which method should I choose for rhinoplasty?

1. An outline of rhinoplasty

Currently, there are two methods of rhinoplasty: surgical rhinoplasty and non-surgical rhinoplasty. Among them, surgical rhinoplasty is an invasive method. The plastic surgeon will implant a synthetic (synthetic implant) or natural tissue to reshape your nose.
Cartilage is a natural tissue of the body and has long been used as an implant material in surgery. Rhinoplasty means that the doctor will use cartilage tissue from another part of the body to shape the nose structure. In rhinoplasty, cartilage is usually taken from the ribs, ears, or septum of the nose during rhinoplasty. There is quite a bit of debate around which type of cartilage is best to use. Of course, each type of cartilage has its own advantages and disadvantages and the results of your rhinoplasty generally depend a lot on the experience and skill of the plastic surgeon.
Bác sĩ có thể lấy mô sụn từ tai để tiến hành kỹ thuật nâng mũi bọc sụn

2. Who needs rhinoplasty?

Cartilage-covered rhinoplasty is suitable for those who want to raise the bridge of the nose, improve the shape of the nose or raise the tip of the nose. Rhinoplasty has become popular with Asians because Asians tend to have underdeveloped nasal bones and cartilage, so the bridge of the nose is often convex, the tip of the nose often tends to be narrow and small.
In addition, in treatment, some patient conditions may need rhinoplasty surgery such as short nose syndrome (related to cleft palate disease), broken nose trauma, collapsed and weak nasal cartilage, ..

3. What is ear cartilage rhinoplasty?

Depending on where the cartilage is taken, there will be different terms such as: Rhinoplasty with rib cartilage, Rhinoplasty with ear cartilage or Rhinoplasty with septum cartilage. In which, rhinoplasty covers the ear cartilage, also known as ear cartilage or tympanic cartilage graft.
Just like the general advantage of rhinoplasty with cartilage is the use of body tissue, so rhinoplasty with ear cartilage will not cause an immune response and reduce the risk of infection and rejection of the graft. At the same time, thanks to the removal of cartilage tissue in the body, it is highly compatible, easily combined with the rest of the nose, so the results of rhinoplasty look more natural.
The method of rhinoplasty with ear cartilage also has its own advantages. The characteristic of the parietal cartilage is that it is softer than the septal cartilage, and its flexible, tough and elastic nature means that it is easier for the doctor to shape and form the desired shape. The high flexibility and natural curvature of the ear cartilage will make the lifting and shaping of the tip look more perfect. And when the cartilage is removed, the scar is almost invisible, the incision can be well hidden.
Besides, it also has the disadvantage that it requires a longer surgical time than rhinoplasty using artificial materials. And over time, the cartilage can warp and warp. However, this depends on the skill and experience of the plastic surgeon rather than the cartilage nature.
Phương pháp nâng mũi bọc sụn tai sẽ khiến cho mũi bạn trông tự nhiên và đẹp thanh thoát hơn

4. Is rhinoplasty with ear cartilage safe?

Rhinoplasty is generally a safe procedure with minimal surgical risk. Like any surgery, complications can still occur, however, with rhinoplasty, complications are less likely. Some common postoperative complications include infection or bleeding.
During the surgery, you will not feel any pain because you will be given general anesthesia or injected with local anesthetic (nose, ear). After a successful surgery, you may feel some pain at first, however, your doctor will prescribe pain relievers to ease your discomfort.
If you are worried about the doctor taking the cartilage from your ear, don't worry, because this will not affect the appearance of the ear and will not leave any visible scars on the ear. . In fact, the ear will feel a little softer than it was before the cartilage was removed.
Thanks to the development of modern technology, ear cartilage is thoroughly applied to cosmetic rhinoplasty such as Korean cartilage-covered rhinoplasty methods to make the tip of the nose look more natural, or in rhinoplasty technology S -line/L-line to shape the nose more beautiful, more flexible. The latest technology in many beauty salons is the 4D semi-structured rhinoplasty with ear cartilage, shaping the noses with less defects and wanting a more beautiful nose shape. No matter which method is used to lift the nose, the most important deciding factor to have a beautiful and safe nose is the skill of the doctor. Therefore, you need to choose a reputable facility to perform rhinoplasty.

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