Common symptoms after varicocele surgery

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Most cases of varicocele are treated surgically, in some mild cases, doctors may prescribe medical treatment. However, after varicocele surgery, patients cannot avoid common symptoms.

1. Need to be re-examined immediately after having symptoms after surgery

The procedure of varicocele surgery will be performed by the doctor by ligation of the varicose veins above or around the testicle. The surgery time is also quite fast, the patient can completely leave the hospital the same day if there are no abnormal problems.
The patient will be anesthetized by the doctor, anesthetized, minimizing pain and discomfort. The patient can be discharged from the hospital 2-3 hours after surgery. However, when performing varicocele surgery, the patient should still be accompanied by a loved one to ensure safety after anesthesia, anesthesia, and post-surgery.
After varicocele surgery, if the patient has no pain or has no problems with fertility, the doctor will continue to monitor for a certain time until the patient fully recovers. In case the varicocele is not large, does not cause discomfort, the patient does not need any further treatment.

2. Abnormal symptoms after varicocele surgery

Các triệu chứng thường gặp sau mổ giãn tĩnh mạch thừng tinh
Giãn tĩnh mạch thừng tinh

These are the most unexpected symptoms after the surgery, the patient may experience:
Prolonged pain, not relieved when taking pain relievers. The incision is blue or black. Bleeding from the incision. There is a rotten smell from the incision. Scrotum swollen. High fever or cold shivering These symptoms can cause complications and undesirable consequences for the patient and the treating doctor. Specifically:
Bleeding Infection Swelling of the scrotum due to a collection of fluid (e.g. hydrocephalus) Recurrent varicocele Testicular atrophy The patient needs immediate re-examination when having the above symptoms.

3. Notes after varicocele surgery

Can return to normal activities after 5-7 days Can shower 24 hours after surgery, do not soak soap in the bath for 5 days after surgery Can work normally after 48 hours after surgery Sometimes there is slight pain surgery, scrotal swelling is minimal and there may be little oozing from the incision. The patient can use a bandage or gauze to cover the incision. Avoid strenuous activities for 48 hours after surgery such as heavy lifting, sex...
Các triệu chứng thường gặp sau mổ giãn tĩnh mạch thừng tinh
Nghỉ ngơi sau khi mổ giãn tĩnh mạch thừng tinh

Eat and drink normally after surgery Take medicine as prescribed by the doctor Re-examination after 2 weeks to check the status Postoperative semen analysis, assessment of post-operative results Post-operative symptoms of varicocele often account for a minority of the total number of surgical treatment of this disease. Patients should not worry too much because of these signs. Just when you see abnormal symptoms, you should immediately go to the doctor to get the right treatment orientation, timely, minimize complications after surgery.

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