8 nitrate-rich foods and why you should avoid them

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Nitrates are a collection of compounds related to nitrogen and oxygen molecules. Foods that naturally contain nitrates may help reduce the risk of certain chronic medical conditions. However, when consumed in excess can cause pregnancy complications, neonatal methemoglobinemia,...

1. Nitrate-rich foods

1.1. Nitrates in foods are harmful Many processed meats are high in nitrates. While these nitrates are useful in preserving and improving the color of foods, they are not good for your health. Many studies recommend that vitamin C be added to high-nitrate meats to prevent the formation of harmful nitrite compounds. 4 foods that contain nitrates include:
Ham: Ham is often the highest dietary source of nitrates. A 100g serving of cured ham has 890 mcg of nitrates. Bacon: Bacon has up to 380 mcg of nitrates in 100g of weight. It's also surprisingly high in nitrites. Nitrates and nitrites tend to be common in bacon production, but some brands label their packaging as nitrite-free meat. However, the nitrite-free bacon printed on the package was tested for nearly twice as much nitrate, to 680 mcg per 100g. Frozen meat: Frozen foods are another major source of harmful nitrates. The average processed frozen meat has up to 500 mcg of nitrates in 100g of meat, while uncooked deli has about 300 mcg in the same amount of meat. Hot Dogs: Hot dogs are one of the most processed sources of meat on the market. The average sausage contains about 50 mcg of nitrate per 100g of meat, which carries about 9 mg of nitrite. MORE: 10 best foods to increase nitric oxide
1.2. Nitrates in healthy foods Nitrates can be converted to healthy nitric oxide, you don't actually need to cut out nitrates entirely, but instead eat natural sources of nitrates, where this compound is found alongside with other antioxidants and vitamins. These 4 foods are naturally rich in nitrates:
Spinach : Spinach is not only a great addition to salads, but also an excellent source of natural nitrates. A 100g serving of fresh spinach contains between 24 and 387 mg of nitrates. This amount varies widely depending on growing conditions. Kale: Outside of the cabbage family, bok choy is the one with the highest levels of nitrates. Depending on its growing conditions, collard greens can contain between 103 and 309 mg of nitrates per 100g of the vegetable. Lettuce: Although lettuce is less known to be rich in nutrients, it does contain significant amounts of natural nitrates. It contains between 13 and 267 mg of nitrates per 100g serving. Carrots: Leafy vegetables aren't the only natural source of nitrates. If you're looking for a slightly taller alternative, carrots are a very good choice and contain between 92 and 195 mg of nitrates per 100g.
Rau bina là một trong thực phẩm có chứa nitrat lành mạnh
Rau bina là một trong thực phẩm có chứa nitrat lành mạnh

2. Why should you avoid nitrates?

Nitrates are a collection of compounds related to nitrogen and oxygen molecules. Nitrate is an inorganic chemical, soluble in water. Your body makes about 62 milligrams (mg) of nitrites per day, but most of the nitrates come from your diet. The average person living in the United States consumes 75 to 100 mg of nitrates per day. Nitrates are often associated with processed meats, but green leafy vegetables are actually much richer in nitrates.
Other studies say that nitrates found in vegetables can actually help reduce the risk of cancer. Eating foods that are naturally rich in nitrates can help reduce your risk of a number of chronic health conditions. Meanwhile, eating foods high in added nitrates can pose health risks.
The association of nitrates with processed meats has some people worried about their carcinogenic effects. Nitrates are not broken down by stomach acid. Instead, your gut microbiome can break down nitrates into nitrites and cause health complications like increased cancer risk. Some health problems with consuming nitrate supplements include:
Methemoglobinemia in infants (blue baby syndrome) Increased risk of cancer Pregnancy complications So supplement nitrates with these Natural foods from vegetables. Limit the use of foods high in added nitrates such as frozen meat, bacon, ham, ... Because the functional nitrates in these foods will increase the risk of chronic diseases, and even even cancer.

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