The unexpected effect of chili

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Chili is a spice commonly used in dishes, not only that, the color of chili can also be used for decoration. However, with the hot spicy taste, is it healthy to eat chili and is it good to eat a lot of chili?

1. Eating hot peppers containing a lot of capsaicin helps prevent stomach and prostate cancer

According to many studies, scientists say that chili peppers contain abundant C9H14O2. This is a substance called capsaicin that works well for diseases such as stomach cancer and prostate cancer.
A more remarkable point is that chili has been used as a seasoning for a long time. Around 7500 BC, chili peppers appeared on the family dinner table. According to scientific opinion, the more spicy the fruit, the better the disease resistance.
According to oriental medicine, the pungent and hot taste of chili has many very good health effects. In particular, capsaicin, a substance that is mainly responsible for the spicy taste, helps the brain to produce the hormone endorphin. This substance in addition to effective pain relief also helps treat the risk of cancer.

2. Eating hot peppers is good for people with diabetes

According to an Australian study, eating hot peppers regularly will help the body control insulin in the blood. This is a beneficial effect for diabetics. According to statistical analysis, people who eat chili peppers have reduced their blood sugar by 60% compared to the group of patients who do not have the habit of eating hot peppers. Therefore, this is a spice that should not be given up for people with diabetes.

3. Eating chili effectively relieves pain

Capsaicin is not only an anti-cancer agent, but also provides pain-relieving effects like the principle of action of anesthetics. Therefore, when eating hot peppers, the pain sensation will not be transmitted to the nervous system. As a result, the body will reduce the appearance of pain and discomfort.
That may be the reason why the composition of chili peppers is more researched and extracted. With the development of modern medicine, hot peppers are extracted and filtered to get capsaicin as anesthetic for surgery including cesarean section or other cesarean sections...
In addition, thanks to its natural pain-relieving properties, Capsaicin is also used in many other fields. This essence has been studied as a supplement to some topical creams. Specifically, using essence to apply to help relieve pain in joints and back.
Ăn ớt cay
Ăn ớt cay có thể giúp bạn cải thiện các cơn đau

4. Eating chili can also improve the immune system for health

There are a number of studies that have analyzed the hotness of chili peppers, showing that chili peppers have a high antiseptic ability. In addition, foods with chili added will last longer and limit the level of bacteria invasion. Therefore, chili peppers are put into research to fully exploit the effects of improving human immune health. Although this is only an experimental result, when there are specific evaluations, it will be published and put into more applications.

5. Eating chili helps control weight

Weight loss is the need to improve women's health. There are many studies that believe that, thanks to the pungent nature, when eating chili peppers, the body's heat will be burned. That burning will increase the demand for water. Perhaps that is why excess calories are strongly promoted metabolism.
When eating chili combined with drinking water to reduce the spiciness, the body not only burns calories, but also increases the feeling of fullness, making the appetite disappear. Moreover, chili also helps to improve the taste, making food better metabolized and absorbed by the body. As a result, eating hot peppers will increase brain function, causing the nervous system to send signals to the kidneys. When the kidneys are notified, they will secrete fluid to support the movement of the body. Therefore, fat is quickly burned by the secretion of kidney fluid. Therefore, studies have directed chili to weight loss applications for subjects with a lot of excess fat and the risk of obesity.

Objects should not use chili in dishes

Chili peppers can bring many miraculous and healthy uses. However, eating chili peppers regularly is not recommended because they are very spicy and hot.
There are many people who always wonder if eating chili is good? This also depends largely on the user's body. There are a number of specified subjects that should not eat chili to ensure the health of the body.
Patients with certain diseases such as heart disease, brain disease, blood vessel disease or high blood pressure should not eat chili. Although chili can prevent stomach cancer, people who already have stomach ulcers should not eat it.
The spicy taste of chili peppers has a strong antibacterial ability, but at the same time, it will also cause severe burns on contact. It can be seen that when you are not careful when preparing chili peppers, you will burn your skin. Therefore, if you have a stomach ulcer or a special throat area, you should not eat chili.
Ăn ớt cay
Người bệnh viêm loét dạ dày không nên ăn ớt cay
Pregnant women should especially not use chili in the menu. Although some regions have the custom of using chili as the main seasoning in the dish, this is dangerous for pregnant women. The pungent heat of chili peppers will cause the mother to become hot, affecting the health and limiting the ability of the fetus to absorb nutrients when the mother's body is not regulated. In addition, when the mother eats spicy food into the milk, the nursing baby will also make the baby hot, difficult to sleep and often fussy.
Above is the answer to what is the effect of eating chili. In addition to the announced benefits, you need to pay attention when eating chili. Do not use when you are in the target group that is not recommended to use.

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