Things to remember when cooking baby powder for weaning

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Weaning is a very important stage for a child's development. Mother will cook baby food powder to supplement essential nutrients to help keep the body healthy. However, if you do not pay attention, it is likely that parents will make mistakes when cooking powder for babies. Therefore, each parent should actively learn and remember how to prepare, ensure food hygiene and safety.

1. Time to start giving baby solids

According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), 6 months old is the optimal time to start solids. The digestive system of the baby at this time has developed quite fully, capable of absorbing solid foods and has a more complex structure than breast milk. Weaning is a necessary process to provide children with nutrients for healthy growth. Because in fact, breast milk after 6 months cannot meet the daily nutritional needs of children.
Nutrition experts all encourage parents to start the baby's weaning period at 6 months and stop eating solids at 24 months. The energy from breast milk that babies absorb will only provide about approx. 450 kcal/day, while when a child is 6 months old, he needs about 700 kcal/day and energy needs will also increase with each age.
Therefore, weaning powder is the necessary supplementary food to make up for the lack of energy that breast milk does not provide enough. However, mothers should remember that it is necessary to end the period of weaning for children after 24 months of age, because if prolonged, it can cause many problems for children such as children who cannot chew, difficult to integrate in school because they cannot can follow the school diet,....
In short, the best time for babies to start solids is after 6 months of age. At this point, the next thing a mother should do is learn how to cook powder for new-born babies, to avoid improper weaning, which can cause children to become anorexic and malnourished.
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cách nấu bột cho trẻ mới ăn dặm
Ăn dặm đúng cách sẽ giúp con bạn tránh được tình trạng suy dinh dưỡng

2. Nutrients needed when cooking baby powder for weaning

When children transition to solid foods, this is the time when it is necessary to supplement essential nutrients for children to fully absorb. Accordingly, a child's weaning meal needs to be fully supplemented with 4 groups of nutrients including: protein, starch, fat, and vitamins and minerals.
Protein: This is a nutrient found in foods made from pork, beef, chicken eggs (note that for babies under 1 year old, only egg yolks should be used), fish, shrimp , crab. Starch group: This is an essential group of nutrients that should be included in the menu for preparing baby powder for weaning. You can use ground rice flour, cereal flour or cook rice porridge really well and puree to cook. Good fats: Good fats can be easily found in cooking oils for children such as olive oil, coconut oil or Gac oil,... Vitamins and minerals: Vitamins and minerals are added from various types. vegetables such as spinach, amaranth, carrots, pumpkin, sweet potato, spinach, ... Mothers should note that they should not cook for too long these foods to avoid losing nutrients. MORE: Are bland foods best for babies?
Chất đạm dùng nấu bột cho trẻ
Ba mẹ nên tăng cường chất đạm cho trẻ khi nấu cháo

3. Things to remember when cooking baby powder for weaning

When cooking baby powder for babies, mothers need to note a few things below:
Always ensure food hygiene and safety: Parents need to remember to always follow the "cooked food - boil" rule, always. must ensure food hygiene and safety (choose clean ingredients with clear origin), clean pots and pans... properly. Children's food needs to be crushed or pureed: When cooking powder for babies, parents will use vegetables and meat. Therefore, to avoid the situation of children choking on food, parents can use a blender to puree or simmer and sift until pureed. Then gradually increase the coarseness or give the baby solid foods. Create a habit of feeding your baby on time: Follow a set timetable when you feed your baby solids. Normally, in the first stage of baby learning to eat solid foods, in the first 2 weeks, the mother can give the baby 1 meal a day to get used to the food. After that, the next time the mother can increase to 2 meals / day. Do not add spices when cooking powder for weaning: According to the recommendations of nutrition experts, for children under 1 year of age, it is absolutely necessary to avoid adding seasonings such as salt, fish sauce, and monosodium glutamate (MSG) to their weaning foods. young. Avoiding food groups with a high risk of allergies: Before starting to introduce solid foods to children, parents need to learn and understand which foods can and cannot be combined to avoid causing allergies. reactions or food poisoning in children. Breastfeeding should not be abandoned: Although babies have entered the weaning stage, mothers should not give up giving milk to their babies. Because this is still the main source of nutrients that are essential for the development of children at this stage. Create excitement for children: Mothers can create excitement for children to eat more deliciously, such as choosing for them baby spoons and bowls with lovely and funny designs with eye-catching colors or attracting the attention of children. Children enter the dishes in front of them with interesting expressions. However, it is necessary to absolutely avoid giving children street food, teasing or talking to them too much, letting them watch TV or mobile phones while eating. SEE ALSO: When starting solids, how much breast milk does a baby need in 24 hours?
Weaning is definitely a very important milestone for both children and parents. Therefore, the way to cook powder for children to eat solids so that it is nutritious and makes the baby eat deliciously also has certain notes to keep in mind. Parents can refer to the information in the above article to prepare nutritious, delicious and equally eye-catching weaning meals for their children, creating special interest for children.

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