What are the health benefits of eating shrimp?

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Shrimp is one of the most commonly processed and consumed shellfish in the world. This food provides many essential nutrients for all subjects. So, you can learn "what are the benefits of eating shrimp" through this article.

1. What substance does shrimp have?

In fact, the shrimp body is made up mainly of protein and water. According to research, in 100 grams of cooked shrimp contains:
Calories: 99. Fat: 0.3 grams. Carbs: 0.2 grams. Cholesterol: 189 milligrams. Sodium: 111 milligrams. Protein: 24 grams. Besides, shrimp also contains a number of minerals and vitamins such as: Phosphorus, copper, zinc, magnesium, calcium, potassium, manganese, iodine, rich omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids,...

2. What is the effect of eating shrimp?

Shrimp is a food that suits many people's taste, this animal brings the following benefits:
Shrimp has a lot of cholesterol In 85 grams of shrimp contains 166 mg of cholesterol. This is almost 85% higher than the cholesterol found in other seafood such as tuna. There are many opinions that shrimp is a food containing high cholesterol, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease and should be limited.
However, research shows this is not true for most people, as only a quarter of the population is sensitive to dietary cholesterol. For the rest, dietary cholesterol has only a small impact on blood cholesterol levels.
This is because most of the cholesterol in the blood is produced by the liver and when you eat foods rich in cholesterol, the liver produces less of it.
Furthermore, shrimp contains several important nutrients that can promote health such as: omega-3 fatty acids and the antioxidant astaxanthin.
One study found that adults who ate 300 grams of shrimp per day increased their “good” HDL cholesterol levels by 12% and reduced triglycerides by 13%. Both of these substances are important factors in reducing the risk of heart disease.
Another study found that 356 women who consumed shellfish including shrimp had significantly lower triglycerides and blood pressure than those who didn't eat shellfish.
Shrimp contains antioxidants The main type of antioxidant in shrimp is a carotenoid called astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is a component of algae - this is what shrimp feed on. Therefore, in shrimp contains a certain amount of astaxanthin. When you eat foods containing astaxanthin, it helps your body prevent inflammation by preventing free radicals from attacking.
Many studies have found that astaxanthin can help strengthen the arteries reducing the risk of heart attacks. At the same time, this substance helps increase levels of "good" HDL cholesterol, which improves heart health. In addition, astaxanthin is also beneficial for brain health. Its anti-inflammatory properties can prevent damage to brain cells. This is a common cause of dementia and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease.
Ăn tôm có tác dụng gì là thắc mắc của nhiều người
Ăn tôm có tác dụng gì là thắc mắc của nhiều người

3. Is it good to eat shrimp?

Besides the question "What are the benefits of eating shrimp", is this food good for many people. Accordingly, in addition to the benefits mentioned above, eating shrimp may have some potential risks as follows:
Allergy to shellfish, including shrimp Shellfish in general and shrimp in general It is very easy to cause allergies in some people. The cause of allergy in shrimp is tropomyosin (a protein found in shellfish). Other proteins in shrimp that can cause allergic reactions include arginine kinase and hemocyanin.
Some symptoms of shrimp allergy such as: Rash, redness, itching, tingling in the mouth, digestive problems, nasal congestion, even respiratory failure and life-threatening.
Therefore, if you are allergic to shrimp, the only way to prevent such reactions is to avoid eating shrimp altogether.
Antibiotic residues in shrimp can have negative effects on health. Due to the high demand for shrimp in the US, it often has to be imported from other countries. More than 80% of shrimp consumed in the US comes from abroad such as Thailand, India and Indonesia. But most imported shrimp are farmed in industrial tanks. During shrimp farming, owners can use antibiotics to help shrimp grow and develop more. However, in the United States, antibiotics are not allowed in shrimp and other shellfish. Therefore, it is illegal to import shrimp containing antibiotics. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for inspecting imported shrimp to make sure they do not contain antibiotics.
Trong tôm có chứa hàm lượng canxi rất dồi dào
Ngoài thắc mắc “ăn tôm có tác dụng gì” thì thực phẩm này có tốt không cũng được nhiều người quan tâm.

4. How to properly cook shrimp

How to choose high-quality shrimp To be able to process quality and nutritious shrimp dishes, you should choose shrimp that are fresh, not smelly, damaged,... When buying raw shrimp, please Make sure the shrimp is firm. The peel should be translucent and bluish-gray, pinkish or pale pink. Darkened edges or black spots on the shell can be a sign of poor quality shrimp.
Moreover, it is important that you buy shrimp from a reputable supplier with many years of experience in the field of providing fresh seafood.
How to properly cook shrimp Shrimp is a versatile food that you can cook in many ways. Healthy shrimp cooking methods such as steaming, grilling, sautéing, etc. Usually, you need to buy frozen shrimp at the store. According to experts, you can buy thawed shrimp if you plan to process it right away. As long as you don't freeze them again, the quality of the food will go down.
When prepping, soak shrimp in cold water before cleaning or in brine. To separate the shell, pull the leg and use your thumb to separate the shell from the body.
Next, to remove the tail, you should remove the black digestive tube that runs along the back of the shrimp. Simply use a paring knife to separate the meat in a line and remove it.
You should limit preparing shrimp in a deep fryer or add it to a creamy sauce.
In short, shrimp contains many vitamins, minerals and is a rich source of protein. Eating shrimp may also promote heart and brain health due to its content of the omega-3 fatty acid, the antioxidant astaxanthin. Although shrimp is high in cholesterol, it does not cause negative effects on heart health. However, eating shrimp improperly or with an allergy may have some potential risks.

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