Get to know a man's lust cycle

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The sexual needs of men and women are very different. Therefore, women often wonder about the male desire cycle and how to recognize the signs of male desire when in love.

1. The cause of men's desire when in love

Lust here is defined as the need for sex, in men, this need usually begins at puberty at about 16 years old.
The cause of this physiological condition is due to the increased levels of the hormone testosterone when stimulated, increasing the feeling of wanting to make love.

2. Men's libido cycle in stages

Testosterone hormone has the effect of stimulating the desire of men and the amount of hormone secreted will change depending on different circumstances and age. Therefore, depending on each stage in life, the male desire cycle also changes.
2.1.The period from 20 to 30 years old At this time, testosterone levels in men are most active, so sex drive is also at its peak. Statistics show that men have sex more than 3 times a week and some will have sex at any time when being with their lover.
2.2. 30 to 40 years old The first half of this period is from 30 to 35 years old, when sexual activity is at its peak. After experiencing a long period of sexual activity, men can determine their sexual needs and focus on factors to achieve the best quality. At this stage, the frequency of intercourse will be at a stable and healthy level 2-3 times a week. However, after the age of 35, testosterone levels gradually decrease, leading to a decrease in the need for sex. On average, they will have sex only 1-2 times a week or less. In addition, there are disorders of the body such as spermatogenesis, spermatogenesis,...
2.3.After the age of 40 From this age onwards, a man's desire will decrease rapidly. The cause of this problem is due to the effects of age and the effects of certain problems in other organs also play a large part. At this time, men usually only have sex 1-2 times / week, especially for weak physiological people, only 2 weeks / time.
chu kỳ ham muốn của đàn ông
Sau 40 tuổi thì chu kỳ ham muốn của đàn ông có sự giảm đi

3. What time of day do men want the most?

Knowing the men's desire time will help them better understand their bodies and women can also grasp the right time for "love".
Waking up in the morning: After a long sleep, the blood will be circulated again, making most men wake up in a state of "saluting the flag". Night time: This is the time when testosterone is high, making the body become more eager. Therefore, "sex" at this time has the effect of reducing stress and creating a good night's sleep after a long hard day. When watching romantic movies with your lover: This is when the desire in both sexes' bodies becomes more stimulated than ever. After an argument or a tantrum: Men will tend to want to make up with their woman by returning her a passionate "love". After a long time not having sex.

4. Signs to recognize a man's desire when in love

To recognize the signs of a man wanting to have sex, you just need to pay close attention to the following characteristics:
4.1. Passionate gaze with hot eyes Eyes are a very clear reflection of what a person is thinking in his head. This is a very difficult sign to hide when a man is having sex. He will look at the person he loves without leaving and often focus on sensitive places such as lips, round 1, round 3 with longing eyes. This is also the first signal when you are with your girlfriend.
4.2. Licking lips often The cause of this sign is when the body is increasing libido and becoming excited, it will make the lips of the guy dry. Therefore, men often lick their lips when desires arise.
4.3. Remove all distance from you When his desire increases day by day, he will actively look for opportunities to reduce the distance between you two so that the two bodies are closer together. For example, the actions of accidentally touching each other or bringing their ears closer when talking. In addition, some other expressions may be accompanied by stroking hair, holding hands, touching thighs or wrapping arms around the waist and hugging from behind. Even bolder will give you a passionate and groping kiss.
4.4. Breathing becomes more rapid When a man begins to feel the urge to touch or make contact with your body, their breathing will speed up and their body temperature will increase a bit. The reason is that when the demand is high, the amount of blood in the body is more and stimulates the heart to beat faster, the respiratory rate increases. On the other hand, the brain also stimulates the production of testosterone, which causes the body to increase from 0.5 to 1 degree and the skin becomes more red at that time.
chu kỳ ham muốn của đàn ông
Chu kỳ ham muốn của đàn ông biểu hiện khi hơi thở gấp gáp

4.5. Saying words with wings When desire arises, men will not hesitate to tell girls stimulating words such as "I want you", "Your three rounds are so sexy", ..
4.6. Try to pamper you more Men who have a desire when in love will try their best to show it through his gallant and pampering actions. Specifically, pampering you more than usual such as feeding, shopping and taking you home, ... These are considered signals that he is trying to "seduce" you into an affair.
4.7. When he hugs his girlfriend and makes cuddles with each other, you'll subtly notice that his "boy" is becoming sensitive and ready for a passionate love affair. .

5. How to control men's desires?

When you fall in love, it is completely normal according to human physiology to arouse male desire. However, we are not always ready for a love affair, because the love is not big enough or due to other reasons. Therefore, deftly refusing "sex" is also a polite way to help your boyfriend not feel cut off when he's with you.
5.1. Avoid wearing sexy clothes When you are not really ready for sex, you should avoid wearing revealing clothes when meeting. This is the very first condition that causes arousal and causes a man's instincts to kick in. In addition, he will understand this as a signal that you are trying to invite and promise a passionate love. Therefore, it is necessary to grasp this mentality and choose discreet outfits for dates when you are not ready.
5.2. Limiting going to places with only two people A quiet, private space with only two people will be an easy condition for lovemaking between two people through actions such as hugging, kissing, groping,... Therefore, if you do not want things to go too far, you should not choose such places or you can refuse to meet there. On the other hand, you can suggest some crowded places such as coffee shops, restaurants, street walks,...
5.3. Do not mention sensitive topics Men's sexual needs when in love will be aroused and heightened when it comes to sex. Therefore, when you are together, you should avoid mentioning this topic and especially not perform actions that stimulate his desires such as caressing his body, hugging and kissing passionately...
5.4. Interrupting His Desires Guys tend to want to be close and close to their lover, this is the catalyst that leads to sex and even they themselves find it difficult to control this situation. Therefore, when your boyfriend gives you passionate and affectionate kisses, take the initiative to stop at the right time by deftly stopping the hand that wants to touch your body.
This action will interrupt his feelings and more or less hurt and make him let go of blame. Therefore, you need to refuse tactfully and can be accompanied by sweet acts of coaxing to appease.
nhu cầu tình dục của đàn ông
Từ chối có thể làm giảm nhu cầu tình dục của đàn ông

5.5. All of the above are just temporary solutions to curb a man's desire when in love. Therefore, in order for the relationship to be more stable and connected, you need to openly share your needs and views for your boyfriend to understand.
If you really don't want to, you should share with an open and honest attitude that you are not ready to make it happen and that intimacy should happen when your love is really deep. At that time, sex will become the spice that makes love more wonderful. As a man who truly loves, he will not hesitate to respect and comply with your wishes. This is also considered a test for your man to see if they are tolerant enough to accept a long-term relationship with you.
Capturing a man's lust cycle will be the key to a sweet and lasting love, and also an indispensable spice for happiness in love.
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