Pregnancy too soon after cesarean section: Many disadvantages for both mother and baby

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The article was professionally consulted with Master, Doctor Nguyen Van Thanh - Obstetrician and Gynecologist - Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology - Vinmec Nha Trang International General Hospital.
After a cesarean section, the body needs a reasonable time for the uterine incision in the previous surgery to heal and the mother's health to be ensured in the next pregnancy.

1. How long can you get pregnant after cesarean section?

The time to get pregnant again after a cesarean section is recommended by doctors to be at least 2 years for the following reasons:
After giving birth, the mother's body loses strength, loses blood...it takes a certain time to recover. health to be ready for the next pregnancy. After cesarean section, the uterine incision needs to take a certain time for the scar to heal well, avoiding the risk of cracking the incision in the next pregnancy. Breastfeeding babies: Need to be fully cared for and breastfed to help develop the body in the most comprehensive way. Pregnant again too early, the mother does not have enough time to take care of the baby and take good care of the pregnancy. In addition, economic, family and social issues such as having to be pregnant while taking care of a small child, finding someone to send a child when the second child is born, expenses for the children, worrying about work, etc. adverse effects on maternal health.

2. Effects of getting pregnant too soon after cesarean section

Mang thai quá sớm sau khi sinh mổ có nguy cơ bục vết sẹo mổ cũ
2.1 For the mother Risk of exacerbation of old surgical scars: It is a dangerous obstetric complication, often occurring in women who have ever had a surgical scar on the uterus such as cesarean section or fibroid removal... Breaking of old incisions can occur during labor, especially when contractions are strong. Incision pain during pregnancy: Because the incision has not completely healed, it can cause pain for the mother. Mothers do not have enough health and time to both take care of their children and take good care of their babies. Increased risk of placenta previa, low placenta and if you have multiple cesarean sections, the risk of placenta previa is very high. Abnormal cases of placental attachment place the risk of heavy bleeding at birth. The risk of pregnancy sticking to the old surgical scar: This is a very dangerous condition, but quite rare. The fetus can attach and implant right on the old incision, at an early stage causes heavy bleeding and often has to be aborted or there are cases where the placenta attaches deeply to the uterine muscle at the old incision scar, then the placental spines will go deep into the uterine muscle, causing the condition of the comb teeth, even penetrating the uterus, causing bleeding, which can lead to death. 2.2 For the fetus Children at very high risk of preterm birth: Children who are not fully developed cause many diseases in the future. If there is a condition where placenta previa is placed at risk: Prematurity, poor growth, anemia, high neonatal mortality rate. In addition, for babies who are still breastfeeding, there is a risk of losing their breast milk supply, which may not be adequately cared for.

3. Having a cesarean delivery 6 months pregnant again have to terminate the pregnancy?

Pregnant again after cesarean section too soon, many mothers rush to abort their children, even though they want to keep the baby for birth, but if the fetus develops normally and the mother wants to keep it for birth, it is completely possible to keep the pregnancy.
The occurrence of risks to mother and baby is not the case for all pregnant women when they become pregnant again early. But surely getting pregnant again too soon after cesarean section, the mother and baby will face a pregnancy with many more dangerous risks for mother and baby.
The mother should also pay attention to arbitrarily performing procedures including abortion when the scar is still fresh, which is also very dangerous.

4. What to do when pregnant after giving birth too early?

Làm gì khi mang thai sau sinh mổ quá sớm?
If you get pregnant again too soon after a cesarean section, you shouldn't worry too much, but should do the following:
Should be examined as soon as pregnancy is detected, helping to assess the risk for the mother and baby early. Carry out pregnancy examination and monitoring at a highly qualified medical facility with adequate medical equipment to promptly handle any abnormalities arising during pregnancy. If the fetus is still less than 10 weeks old, if its development is normal, consider keeping the pregnancy or aborting depending on the needs of the mother. If the pregnancy is > 12 weeks, the pregnancy should be kept because performing the abortion procedure on people with old caesarean scar is also very dangerous. It is advisable to go for regular check-ups to monitor the condition of the old incision and the development of the child, early detect signs of danger for timely intervention, to avoid the worst possible outcome. During pregnancy, especially the last 3 months, the risk of caesarean section is highest. Mothers should pay attention to monitor more often and pay attention to danger signs. Should actively caesarean at 39 weeks gestation to avoid bad complications. After the cesarean section, the couple should take appropriate contraceptive measures to avoid the early pregnancy causing many dangers to the life of mother and child. However, if you are pregnant after a cesarean section too soon, don't worry too much, so go to a specialized medical facility for specific examination and advice.

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