How long does the 120h emergency contraceptive pill work?

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Hello doctor,
I and my boyfriend had sex but didn't use a condom, didn't come out, but I was very worried so I took emergency medicine. I have taken it twice in 1 month, today sex does not come out, but just the day before yesterday I took emergency medicine 120 hours. The doctor asked me how long the 120h emergency contraceptive pill works? If I don't drink today, will I be pregnant, doctor? I thank you doctor.
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Answered by Specialist I Nguyen Thi Kim Dung - Obstetrician and Gynecologist - Obstetrics Department, Vinmec Times City International General Hospital.
With the question “How long does 120h emergency contraception work? ”, the doctor would like to answer as follows:
Emergency contraception is a method of preventing pregnancy after having unprotected sex. Currently, on the market, there are many types of stool according to the duration of action of the drug such as emergency contraception 120h, 72h, 24h,... How long the emergency contraceptive pill works depends on the effectiveness of the type. medicine you take.
120h drug means the drug works within 120h after unprotected sex. Emergency contraceptive pills are only taken after sex to prevent pregnancy. So, even though you took it before sex, you still need to take another dose after sex to ensure effective contraception. To protect your health, especially fertility as well as unwanted side effects of the drug, you should not use more than 2 doses / month and more than 3 times / year.
If you still have questions about taking 120h emergency contraception, you can go to a hospital of Vinmec Health System for further examination and advice. Thank you for trusting and sending questions to Vinmec. Wishing you lots of health.
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