Uses of Hydroxyurea 500mg

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Complying with indications, the dose of Hydroxyurea 500mg will help patients improve treatment efficiency and avoid unwanted side effects.

1. Uses of Hydroxyurea 500mg

Currently, Hydroxyurea 500mg drug is indicated for the treatment of ovarian cancer, chronic myeloid leukemia and certain types of skin cancer such as head and neck squamous cell carcinoma.
In addition, the use of Hydroxyurea 500mg also helps reduce pain in people with sickle cell anemia requiring blood transfusion.

2. Contraindications of Hydroxyurea 500mg

Contraindicated to use Hydroxyurea 500mg for people with hypersensitivity to any ingredient of the drug.

3. Dosage and how to use Hydroxyurea 500mg

How to use: Hydroxyurea 500mg is taken orally, with or without food. Patients should swallow Hydroxyurea 500mg tablets whole. Breaking, chewing or crushing Hydroxyurea 500mg may increase side effects. Wash your hands thoroughly before and after handling Hydroxyurea 500mg tablets. To ensure safety, patients can wear gloves when taking Hydroxyurea 500mg.
For the treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia or cancer of the head and neck: 15mg/kg/day. For the treatment of sickle cell anemia: Initial dose: 15mg/kg/day. Then, if necessary, increase the dose by 5mg/kg/day (the maximum dose of Hydroxyurea 500mg is 35mg/kg/day). How to deal with missed dose, overdose of Hydroxyurea 500mg:
In case of forgetting dose of Hydroxyurea 500mg, it is advisable to make up for it as soon as possible. However, if it is almost time for the next dose, skip the missed dose of Hydroxyurea 500mg and use a new dose. When using Hydroxyurea 500mg drug overdose, the patient should stop the drug immediately and go to the nearest medical facility for timely treatment.

4. Hydroxyurea 500mg . side effects

When using Hydroxyurea 500mg, patients may experience unwanted effects such as:
Numbness, tingling, burning pain in hands and feet; Numbness of the skin; The skin turns purple; Skin ulcers; Sudden chest pain; Wheezing; Dry cough; Shortness of breath; low blood cell counts – fever and chills; Tired ; Mouth Sores; Easy bruising; Abnormal bleeding; pale skin; Cold hands and feet; Feeling dizzy; Anorexia; Upper stomach pain; Nausea or vomiting; Fast heart beat ; Dark urine; Jaundice; Constipation or diarrhea ; low blood cell count; Bleed; Mouth Sores. If you experience the above symptoms, you need to stop using Hydroxyurea 500mg and notify your doctor or pharmacist for appropriate treatment.

5. Interactions of Hydroxyurea 500mg

Hydroxyurea 500mg can cause drug interactions if used concurrently with:
Antiviral drugs; Interferon drugs.

6. Note when using Hydroxyurea 500mg

Both men and women need to use birth control during treatment with Hydroxyurea 500mg. During treatment with Hydroxyurea 500mg, it is necessary to protect the skin when exposed to the sun. Caution should be exercised when using Hydroxyurea 500mg when driving or operating machinery. Use caution when using Hydroxyurea 500mg for people with kidney failure and heart failure. Absolutely do not use when Hydroxyurea 500mg has signs of discoloration, mold, watery or expired. Do not get mumps, measles, rubella (MMR), typhoid, rotavirus, yellow fever, zoster, chickenpox and flu vaccines while taking Hydroxyurea 500mg as this will cause serious infections. important. Avoid being around sick or infected people while being treated with Hydroxyurea 500mg. If you have signs of an infection, see your doctor right away. Above is all information about Hydroxyurea 500mg, patients need to carefully read the instructions for use, consult a doctor / pharmacist before use.

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