Can eating spicy food help you lose weight?

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Several scientific studies have been published regarding the weight loss of hot peppers. This is explained by nutritionists as Capsaicinoids - a group of naturally occurring chemicals in chili peppers that have properties that may help support weight management.

1. Is spicy food good for health?

Capsaicinoids have ingredients including the compound capsaicin - the chemical component of chili peppers that gives it a spicy taste. Previous studies have demonstrated that capsaicinoids, spicy foods also have some health benefits.

2. Chili and weight loss

Several scientific studies are published regarding the weight loss of hot peppers. Capsaicinoids - a group of naturally occurring chemicals in chili peppers that are explained to have properties that may help aid weight management.
Scientists reveal that although everyone's body reacts to spices very differently, research shows that: Daily consumption of capsaicin can contribute to weight loss through reduced energy eat in. The dietitian also explains that this means that eating spicy food can make you want to eat fewer calories than you would otherwise. This may be the reason why hot foods are sometimes associated with weight loss.
Boost your metabolism?
Nutritionist Rose Constantine-Smith explains: Metabolism is the process of creating energy from nutrients. Simply put, it's the process our bodies go through to get energy from the food we eat.
She explains that the energy our bodies use for simple survival (for our vital organs to function) accounts for 56-80% of our total energy. It is described as our basal metabolic rate (BMR). It doesn't take into account anything else like walking, talking or eating. "
So low metabolism could be more accurately described as 'low BMR.' Constantine-Smith explains that everyone's BMR is different. And there are a number of things that can affect it, she says. revealed:
Genes The way you use energy may be influenced somewhat by your genetics, although this is still not fully understood
Body composition Muscle burns more energy than fat so a person has a higher muscle-fat ratio the more energy they burn
Sex In general, men tend to have a higher muscle-fat ratio than women, their BMR is higher. As we age, our BMR tends to decrease. This is thought to be due to the loss of muscle commonly seen in aging.
But does a slow metabolism cause weight gain? luckily, says Constantine-Smith, it's not that simple
Most current evidence doesn't point to this, especially since a larger body actually requires more energy to survive. exceptions - no An underactive thyroid, for example, slows your metabolism and often leads to weight gain. You don't eat more. But people can gain weight for a variety of reasons, such as eating more than your body requires, inactivity, stress, lack of sleep, and illness.
Capsaicinoids- nhóm hóa chất có trong ớt có tác dụng quản lý cân nặng

3. Some benefits of spicy food

3.1. Eating spicy can help you live longer

According to a number of scientific studies published in the BMJ: Compared with people who eat spicy food less than once a week and those who eat spicy food 6 or 7 days a week, the relative risk of death is reduced by 14% in total. mortality rate. Or the association between spicy food consumption and total mortality in non-drinkers was stronger than in those who did.

3.2. Spicy foods don't cause ulcers — they can actually help with ulcers

The gastroenterologist who diagnoses everyone with an ulcer gets the answer that most people blame spicy food. People often overlook the fact that they are taking ibuprofen "around the clock" or that they may have bacteria called H. Pylori - one of the world's most common causes of sores.
Capsaicin actually has the ability to inhibit acid production in the stomach. In fact, capsaicin has been used as a drug to prevent the development of ulcers in people taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

3.3. Spicy foods don't cause hemorrhoids, but they can irritate anal fissures

For a study published in the journal Colon and Rectal Disease, researchers randomly assigned people with large hemorrhoids to take a placebo pill or a red chili powder capsule. Participants had to rate the impact of the medication on their hemorrhoid symptoms. Research shows that spicy capsules have no effect on hemorrhoid symptoms.
The problem is slightly different for people who have a small tear in the anus known as an anal fistula. Anal fistula can cause pain, even making adults cry because of the pain.
Or another study on this issue has also proven that spicy foods aggravate the symptoms associated with anal fissures. The study was conducted with patients randomized to one week of placebo and one week of chili capsules. The investigators were to monitor for symptoms of anal fissures during the study period. in 81% of the participants felt better with the placebo.
Ăn cay mang lại nhiều lợi ích

3.4. Spicy foods can help you lose weight

According to a meta-analysis of 90 different studies, the role of capsaicin in weight management can be considered. The results show that spicy foods reduce cravings and increase energy expenditure. Question: Does eating spicy food lose weight? specific evidence has been given by these analyzes.
A little spice can be helpful even providing many health benefits. If you're not a fan of spicy food, don't panic! There are more effective ways to lose weight without making yourself uncomfortable. You'd be much better off improving your diet, exercising more, and getting a good night's sleep. Or when it comes to chili peppers, eat them because you like the taste, not because you think they will help you lose weight.

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