Complications of purulent tonsillitis

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Purulent tonsillitis is an acute or chronic inflammatory lesion of the tonsils caused by bacteria or viruses. The disease causes many dangerous complications such as tonsil abscess, inflammation around the tonsils, bronchitis, sinusitis, abscess on the side of the throat, nephritis, arthritis, heart inflammation, bacteremia.

1. Why do you get purulent tonsillitis?

The tonsils have the function of producing antibodies to protect the body against bacteria that enter through the food and airways. However, due to the structure of many compartments and compartments, it is like a lymph node, meaning there are many zones, dividing many compartments to form cavities, so food and bacteria can easily enter and cause inflammation. Bacteria, when invading, hide in the tonsils for a long time, creating pus-filled, lumpy masses. Due to the action of pharyngeal muscles when chewing and swallowing and the rubbing of food when passing through the pharynx wall, the pus-filled cysts in the tonsil cavity are shaped like greenish-white pus-like particles and have a foul smell. This is called purulent tonsillitis.

2. Symptoms of purulent tonsillitis

Amidan có màu đỏ, phình to khi bị viêm mủ
Tonsillitis is known in 2 forms: acute tonsillitis and tonsillitis. If not treated in time, it can develop into chronic tonsillitis.
When there are symptoms of purulent tonsillitis:
In the tonsil cavity there is white or green pus in the oral cavity. The tonsils are red, swollen, and have a lot of white discharge on the surface. Swallowing problems, sore throat especially when eating or drinking. Dry cough or cough with phlegm. Dry mouth, bad breath due to long-term accumulation of pus. High fever, or no fever. Body aches and pains. the patient has a sore throat, a sore throat, with or without fever, or a feeling of lightheadedness with fever. There is sputum stuck in the neck, it is difficult to spit or swallow; Bad breath; Sometimes when coughing, sneezing, small greenish white particles like granules are expelled, which have a very bad smell; ...

3. Complications of purulent tonsillitis

People with pus-filled tonsillitis, if not treated promptly, can lead to many serious complications such as:
Complications near:
At the site of purulent tonsillitis, a superinfection, foci of inflammation occurs. spreading, causing tonsil abscess, causing pain in the patient's throat, difficulty swallowing, difficulty speaking, difficulty in oral activities. Bacteria, viruses, .. in the area with purulent tonsillitis can infect other areas, causing oral diseases, sinusitis, otitis media, etc. At the same time, causing bad breath, making the patient lose confidence when communicate. Laryngitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, otitis media, submandibular lymphadenitis, inflammation, lateral pharyngeal abscess. Systemic complications:
Sleep apnea syndrome in young children; The tonsils are too large, causing pressure on the lungs, making it difficult to swallow, breathe, and pronounce. Distant complications:
Nephritis, arthritis, heart inflammation, sepsis. heart failure, lung failure, arthritis, limb edema, facial edema,...
Viêm amidan hốc mủ bã đậu nếu không được chữa trị kịp thời có thể dẫn đến nhiều biến chứng nghiêm trọng

4. Prevention of purulent tonsillitis

To prevent pyelonephritis, it is necessary to
Always pay attention to keep good health, improve physical condition, increase the body's resistance by physical exercise and sports; Keep oral hygiene, nose, throat by brushing teeth after eating, gargling with warm salt water; Avoid using too much ice and entering and leaving a cold room suddenly, especially when the ambient temperature is high; A dust mask should be used when working in high-pollution areas or when going to crowded places to avoid breathing in smoke, dust, and pathogens that cause pharyngitis and tonsillitis. Active examination and treatment of diseases of the ear - nose - throat, teeth - jaw - face. Improve the body's resistance by exercise, proper nutrition, avoiding cold. Otolaryngology - Vinmec International General Hospital specializes in examining and treating common ENT diseases such as: tonsillitis, sore throat, tinnitus, non-allergic rhinitis, throat cancer; tumors of the head, face and neck, congenital malformations of the ear, nose and throat area by common surgical methods.

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