How to make honey soaked eggs

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For a long time, folk have used a combination of honey and chicken eggs as a food good for both health and beauty. So how to make chicken eggs soaked in chicken eggs is done like. Let's find out the following article on how to make honey-soaked eggs.

1. What are the benefits of honey-soaked eggs for human health?

1.1 Nutrition and effects of chicken eggs According to Oriental medicine, chicken eggs have the effect of tonic and beneficial qi, lung tonic, heat clearing, detoxification, treatment of red eyes, sore throat, hoarseness, impotence. Chicken eggs are a nutritious food with high nutritional value, egg yolks and whites have different nutritional compositions.
In 100g of eggs, there is an average of 12.7g of protein; 9.5g lipids; 2.2g of glucose; 159mg vitamin A ; with vitamins B1 ; vitamin B2 ; vitamin B6; vitamin B12; vitamin D ; vitamin E... Thus, eggs are the ideal food for the elderly, children, pregnant women, postpartum and the weak...
The nutritional value of the yolk is higher than that of the white. Egg yolks are very good for young children, the elderly as well as mental workers because they contain lecithin, which in the body will be broken down by enzymes into acetylcholine, which after entering the bloodstream will be quickly absorbed. to the organs and organizations of the body.

Trứng gà có chứa nhiều loại vitamin, là thức ăn lý tưởng cho người già, trẻ em, người yếu mệt,...

1.2 Nutrition and effects of honey Honey has long been known as a nutritious food and also a remedy for coughs as well as for health. Honey contains sugar, a variety of micro-minerals and vitamins A, D, vitamin E, and precious enzymes, which have a nutritious effect and enhance the body's resistance. There are many folk remedies for cough. can be made with honey. When honey is soaked with eggs, it will have some of the following effects:
Strengthening resistance: Egg yolks contain many good fats, vitamins and proteins that are good for the immune system. Making egg yolks more ripe by soaking in honey, in addition to adding nutrients in honey, still retains the nutritional composition of egg yolks. Using honey-soaked eggs in a reasonable way helps the body's resistance to be better and can prevent some common diseases such as flu, weakness, lower blood pressure. Nutritious food for pregnant and lactating women: Honey is rich in protein and calcium, and egg yolks soaked in honey are beneficial for the development of the fetus. In addition, it also strengthens the resistance of pregnant women to avoid some common diseases such as cough and flu during pregnancy. A note for pregnant women is to avoid using too much because high cholesterol and sugar can lead to uncontrolled weight gain Stimulates the digestive system and supports the body's recovery due to weakness : High protein content The yolk has a stimulating effect on the digestive system, making it more appetizing. Also an energy-rich food, honey soaked in eggs is recommended to offset the body's recovery due to weakness. Beautify skin: Egg yolk contains a source of collagen, which supports the production of new cells and maintains female hormones. Since then, the skin is improved, becomes smoother, brighter white. In addition, both honey and eggs contain vitamin B sources with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects to help treat acne effectively.
Mật ong ngâm trứng gà là thực phẩm bổ dưỡng có nhiều tác dụng tốt với sức khỏe

2. How to make honey-soaked eggs

How to make honey soaked chicken eggs is very simple that everyone can do at home.
2.1 Ingredients Include eggs, honey in an adequate amount with a glass jar with a tight lid. For honey-soaked chicken eggs, it is necessary to choose our eggs, delicious and pure honey.
2.2 Implementation steps Steps to make honey-soaked eggs :
Separate the egg yolks and put them in a glass jar Pour honey into the jar so that it covers the egg yolk and then close the lid After preparation is complete, store the product jar in a cool, dry place. In addition to egg yolks and honey, in some localities, people also have soaked with tam ventricular. After 2 days of soaking in honey, the egg yolk is ripe and can be used. Due to the removal of egg whites, it will unbalance the cholesterol in eggs, so in a week should only use 2-3 eggs.
In addition, there is no evidence of additional efficacy of ventricular supplementation. People who are overweight should not use it regularly because egg yolks contain a lot of cholesterol. Should be used immediately after removing the eggs from the jar because eggs for a long time will lose nutrients and may be contaminated, so if eaten, it is easy to cause indigestion.

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