Traditional Chinese medicine for skin regeneration and what you need to know

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1. Detoxification function of the skin

The skin is the largest detoxification organ in the body. It provides protection from injury, provides a barrier from our external environment and protects from pathogens and bacteria. The skin also maintains a complex intrinsic balance of minerals and tissue salts. Known as the “third kidney” to holistic health, the skin takes on an extra burden when the internal detoxifying organs (namely the intestines, kidneys, liver and lungs) do not remove waste efficiently. fruit. If this imbalance is not addressed and persists, the skin is at risk of flare-ups, breakouts, and rashes.
There are many common skin conditions that herbal medicine can address including acne , psoriasis , rashes and eczema . Herbs can be classified according to the organ system they support or by the activity they provide the body. In terms of supporting skin function, one of the main ones is altetes, or blood purifying herbs. These herbs are traditionally recognized for their ability to restore skin health and function, and to improve the detoxification capacity of the kidneys, lymph, intestines and liver.

2. The stages after using Chinese medicine to regenerate the skin are advertised

Traditional Chinese medicines are advertised with many uses such as helping to detox, improve pitted skin, treat acne, control sebum, fade scars, clean skin, whiten skin, and tighten skin. When using Chinese medicine to regenerate the skin, users will be advertised that the skin will go through 3 stages to get the desired skin.
Phase 1: The first 3 weeks of using the product, the skin begins to swell, red or even have a slight itching, acne breakouts. By week 4 your skin may begin to peel in patches. Stage 2: At this stage, acne and dark spots will decrease, besides the pitting condition is improved. As a result, users will likely reduce the number of applications and begin to be able to use the accompanying moisturizer. Stage 3: At this stage, the skin is bright pink and radiant, the acne spots are cleared, the concave scars also gradually invite away and are noticeably shallower. Sellers will usually always state the 3 stages with pictures to prove and with the affirmations that this product is completely produced from natural herbs, so it will be able to ensure safety for the skin. skin.
Các loại thuốc bắc gia truyền được quảng cáo rất nhiều với chức năng tái tạo da, thải độc, trị mụn,...

3. Is Chinese medicine really used to regenerate the skin as advertised?

With the advertised miraculous effects, these drugs are only sold at very cheap prices, from only 90,000 VND to 1,000,000 VND depending on the quantity and place of supply. It can be seen that the quality of these products is not uniform, the origin is not clear. The dangers are always available if you are intending to use Chinese medicine to regenerate the skin.
Usually, these products are introduced from natural herbs such as Ganoderma lucidum, pollen, ginseng, black turmeric, making consumers believe it is safe for health.
Actually, the acne treatment from traditional Chinese medicine to regenerate the skin goes through 3 stages as mentioned, causing the skin to swell, peel and then recover through heavy peeling. However, when applying the solution to the skin, they will cause the outermost epidermis to peel off and reveal the young skin inside.
These are not skin-restoring effects as you think. When the outermost layer of the epidermis is damaged, it will cause the skin to be worn and weakened, making it unable to withstand environmental factors such as ultraviolet rays, bacteria, and dust. Because of taking advantage of mass psychology and through advertising images, many patients believe and buy these products. In the first time your skin will probably improve, but with repeated use, the skin layer will become thinner and more prone to redness and swelling, and in the long run, it will be extremely harmful to the skin.

Những nguy hiểm luôn sẵn có nếu bạn đang có ý định sử dụng thuốc bắc tái tạo da.

These skin-regeneration medicinal products usually contain salicylic acid - one of the active ingredients that has a strong peeling effect. This active ingredient is often used in the treatment of severe and chronic cases of eczema. For some people, they can cause very severe skin irritation that causes significant flaking of the skin. More importantly, if this acid is mixed with the wrong ratio, it will cause skin damage, causing an extremely uncomfortable burning sensation.
In addition, there are cases where the skin has an allergic condition to some active ingredients in cosmetics, which will seriously affect not only the skin but also may cause systemic diseases and cancer. The skin's epidermis thins, leaving the skin unprotected, prone to bacterial invasion causing inflammation, pus accumulation which is difficult to treat in the future. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully consider products before deciding to use them to optimally protect the skin.
Is Chinese medicine good for skin regeneration is a common question of many people, and the above information has partly helped you answer that question. The skin is inherently extremely fragile and easily irritated and damaged. When the skin is damaged, it is also the time when you need to "wholeheartedly" take care of and improve your skin.

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