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Dear Doctor! I had an aneurysm, just had surgery and saved my life (1 month), now visually, it's probably normal, I still visit under the guidance of the doctor at the hospital where I operated. Now I also have allergy symptoms with loud sounds, noise, noisy places, too much light! Can you help me why I am sensitive to noisy and bright places after surgery for aortic aneurysms? I have read some content in the article related to this disease but I do not know the cause of this disease!
Besides, are the aneurysms that have been controlled by a specialist (splint) at risk of bursting again? In case I have had surgery but I want to check and apply the same form as at Vinmec Da Nang, can I? I hope that the doctor can advise me on the post-operative care of aneurysm surgery. Thank you doctor!
Nguyen Ngoc (1981)
Hello. Congratulations on your timely treatment of brain aneurysm, a disease that progresses quite silently and quietly. The disease accounts for 2-8% of the population, with an average of 5% depending on the region of the world. The disease progresses silently with almost no symptoms until rupture. When the disease breaks, it becomes very dangerous with many complications, especially recurrent rupture complications.
Brain aneurysms can occur in any location (widening or dilated cerebral arteries). Brain aneurysms are very dangerous when the wall of a blood vessel in one location becomes weak and ruptures causing bleeding in the brain. In the past, it was thought that brain aneurysms were congenital (genitic), but today it has been shown that brain aneurysms are caused by microscopic damage of the artery wall (atherosclerosis), caused by blood flow. abnormality in the division of the arteries, increased blood pressure, heavy drinking, smoking, parasitic fungal infections, bacterial infections, trauma, drug addiction especially Cocaine causes inflammation leading to aneurysms.
Regarding prognosis (predicting disease progression) after surgery or intervention to treat brain aneurysm, the risk of recurrence depends on the lesion status such as: location of aneurysm, size and characteristics of the aneurysm, the number of aneurysms and, importantly, the comorbidities and causes of your aneurysm (please consult your treating physician directly.)
In Vietnam, there are currently no known medical conditions. Specific statistics on the rate of recurrent rupture in brain aneurysms patients, the evidence is for reference only and sometimes makes you worry too much about your disease, it is important that you see a doctor period, follow the treatment and instructions of the doctor.
At Vinmec, the consultants all say that the prevention of brain aneurysm is quite small and limited, you should quit smoking, control your blood pressure well and have a healthy lifestyle. Please take your medicine according to your doctor's prescription and instructions.
Hopefully, the doctor's advice on post-operative aneurysm surgery will help you gain more knowledge to stay healthy as well as prevent recurrence.
Thank you for your question to Vinmec Health System. Best regards!

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Answered by Doctor Le Duc Hiep - Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Intervention Doctor - Cardiovascular Center - Vinmec Times City International General Hospital.

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