Have examined and treated heart palpitations but not helping, what to do?

Hi doctor, I have anxiety, heart palpitations, sometimes normal beats, accompanied by a number of other symptoms such as headache, back pain, shrinking penis, white penis head and wrinkled. I went to Bach Mai hospital, the doctor diagnosed the heart as normal, on the first exam, the doctor diagnosed an anxiety disorder. I took medicine from the hospital but didn't see any progress, I thought it was because my heart wasn't pumping well, that's why. I hope you can advise me, thank you doctor.
Luong Van Chien (2001)
Hello Chien. I was examined by a doctor and diagnosed as having a normal heart. For anxiety disorders, you have taken medicine but still do not feel better, you should go back to the doctor to reevaluate!
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BSCK II Ho Viet Le Diem - General Internal Medicine - Department of Examination & Internal Medicine - Vinmec Central Park International General Hospital

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