Heart attack: How to improve EF?

I had a heart attack, had a stent placed, now the echocardiogram results in EF 49%, what should I do to improve this index? Thank you doctor.
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Hello. If you had a myocardial infarction with an EF of 49%, it means that necrosis of the myocardium has affected your myocardial contractility even though you have had stent revascularization. At present, you should continue to have regular check-ups and medication according to the cardiologist. Some drugs will work to rebuild the heart muscle and will restore your EF somewhat. In addition, during this time, you should adjust your lifestyle, limit exertion, and do not eat foods that are too salty or greasy.
Doctor Nguyen Van Duong - Interventional Cardiologist - Cardiovascular Center - Vinmec Central Park International General Hospital.

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