How to treat ductal arteriosus without pulmonary hypertension in children?

Hello doctor! My baby is 31 months old this year, but she still has a funnel shaped ductus arteriosus, the size of the tube is 5.6mm in the descending aorta, 3mm in the pulmonary artery, 6.2mm in the left-right shunt and has not yet grown. Pulmonary pressure, normal cardiac function. So the doctor asked me: "How to treat the funnel-shaped ductus arteriosus without pulmonary hypertension in children? Thanks for the advice doctor!
Hoang Lien (1976)
Hello! All patients with a patent ductus arteriosus should be surgically closed or closed with a percutaneous interventional catheter, except for the small ductus arteriosus, who do not have a murmur with normal pulmonary artery pressure.
Therefore, if you are concerned about how to treat the ductus arteriosus without pulmonary hypertension in your child, you should take your baby to a pediatric cardiologist at a hospital under Vinmec Health System to listen to the heart. Check if there is a continuous murmur, if so, treat the ductus arteriosus with an instrument or follow the doctor's treatment protocol.
Thank you for trusting and sending questions to Vinmec. Best regards!
Answered by Doctor of Cardiology Center - Vinmec Central Park International General Hospital.

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