Bad habits for the heart

The article is written by Master, Doctor Nguyen Van Phong - Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Interventionist, Cardiovascular Center - Vinmec Times City International Hospital
The best time to change your heart health is NOW. Don't wait to keep your heart healthy. Exercise, eat healthy and know your numbers including: blood pressure, blood fat and blood sugar.

1. Lazy exercise during working time

It's great if you exercise regularly. But if you sit in one place for most of the rest of the day, that's going to be a problem. You need to be active all day long, maybe just small activities.
If you have a desk job, take a short walk every hour to improve circulation, it's as simple as walking from the office to the service room and back. You can get up and do some jumps in place or do a few push-ups, if you can.
You should increase taking the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Research has shown that just taking the stairs reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.
ĐI cầu thang bộ
Bạn nên tăng cường đi thang bộ thay vì đi thang máy

2. Take heart disease lightly at a young age

You always say: I am young. Exactly! But if you drink a lot of alcohol, have high cholesterol, are overweight, exercise less, and smoke, your risk of cardiovascular disease is very high.
Don't wait to keep your heart healthy. Exercise, eat healthy and know your numbers including: blood pressure, blood fat and blood sugar.

3. Drinking too many alcoholic beverages

For most people moderate drinking (1 drink for women, 2 drinks for men per day) is acceptable. Some can even be heart-healthy (like red wine). But drinking too much is not good for the heart, can lead to high blood pressure, increased blood fat. In particular, alcohol can cause heart failure (also called alcoholic cardiomyopathy) if consumed in large amounts over a long period of time.
Lạm dụng rượu khiến tâm trạng trở nên tồi tệ hơn
Lạm dụng đồ uống có cồn làm tăng nguy cơ mắc các bệnh về tim mạch

4. You don't fit the diet

When you think of a diet, do you think of oats or a boring diet? However, the Mediterranean diet or the DASH diet includes delicious, nutritious foods such as: olive oil, nuts, green vegetables, fruits, fish and even red wine.
This diet helps keep your heart healthy, lower blood pressure, lower blood fat. You will really enjoy these diets because it is so delicious.

5. You don't know your own health indicators

Quiz: What is your cholesterol level, what about your blood pressure? You do not know?
They can be high without you even knowing it because you can still feel perfectly healthy even if your blood pressure, blood fat or blood sugar is high for a long time.
According to the latest research by the Vietnam Heart Institute, the rate of Vietnamese adults (>18 years old) with hypertension is nearly 50%, that is, 1 in 2 adults has hypertension. A really alarming figure. Protect yourself because high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar are risk factors for cardiovascular disease, stroke...
Starting at age 20, you should plan to have regular check-ups and Keep track of your health stats, even if you feel really healthy.
Khám sức khoẻ tổng quát
Bạn nên đi khám sức khỏe tổng quát định kỳ ngay cả khi cảm thấy thực sự khỏe mạnh

6. Belly fat

Belly fat is especially not good for the heart. You won't be able to tell your belly fat from your waist measurement, as subcutaneous fat is only part of your waistline, but this number can provide some clues as to the underlying health problem associated with it. regarding belly fat. “The longer the belt, the shorter the life”!
Need to lose fat? Do it step by step. Even a slight loss of body mass is good for your heart.

7. Passive smoking

When other people smoke around, that person's smoke can damage your cardiovascular system. You need to stay away from smokers.
If your loved ones, or those around you often smoke, you should remind them not to smoke when around other people whether it is at home, at work or in the car.
Hút thuốc lá là nguyên nhân gây nên ung thư thực quản
Tránh xa khói thuốc lá để bảo vệ hệ thống tim mạch của bạn

To maintain a good health as well as a healthy heart. In addition to building a scientific diet, living and exercising, each person should perform a periodic health check once a year for a comprehensive examination and proactive disease prevention.
Currently, Vinmec is implementing a lot of Periodic Health Checkup Packages suitable for each age, gender and specific needs of customers with very preferential price policy, including:
General health checkup package Work permit- issue of work permit Child health check-up package Standard general health check-up package Special general health check-up package VIP general health check-up package Diamond general health checkup package Advantages of Vinmec's health check-up packages mean that customers will be screened and screened by a system of modern equipment to help support the best diagnosis today such as PET/CT, MRI, CT 640, system the world's leading advanced ultrasound machine, international standard laboratory system,... After a general examination, if any diseases are detected, customers can use services from other specialties hospital with outstanding quality of treatment.

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