Heart failure can cause you to experience a range of negative emotions

Heart failure is a heart condition that reduces the heart's ability to contract. Heart failure not only causes shortness of breath, fatigue, and leg swelling, but it also causes stress, greatly affects the patient's emotions, and even leads to depression even though heart failure is well controlled.

1. How does heart failure negatively affect emotions?

The effects of heart failure on the body such as shortness of breath, fatigue and swelling are very noticeable. However, the negative emotions experienced by heart failure patients are not easily recognized. Patients can face a wide range of emotions, from fear and sadness to anxiety, depression and even anger.
When diagnosed with a chronic illness such as heart failure, the patient will feel a variety of emotions, including:
Fear of the future Worry about losing control of their own health anger because heart failure interferes with daily life Stress about being in control of their current situation Loneliness from worrying that others don't understand what they are going through If a person with heart failure has these feelings and over time can make the problem worse. Stress and anger can raise blood pressure and make the heart work harder. This makes cardiovascular disease worse.
Depression - including feeling sad for at least 2 weeks - affects 70% of people with heart failure. Without treatment for depression, heart failure can be difficult to control. The stress and depression caused by heart failure are more common in women than in men.
Suy tim khiến người bệnh khó thở cùng những cảm xúc tiêu cực
Suy tim khiến người bệnh khó thở cùng những cảm xúc tiêu cực

2. How to handle negative emotions

One of the best ways to deal with negative emotions like depression, anxiety, or anger is to talk about them. Patients need to receive attention, listening and sharing from friends, family, colleagues and members of social organizations in which they have joined. Helping patients with heart failure manage negative emotions, increasing positive attitudes not only improves psychological well-being, but also increases adherence to treatment.
Ways to help manage negative emotions such as:
Patients need to know what they are facing. When they understand heart failure and how to treat it, it can seem less scary. Relax. Long walks, warm baths, or massages can do wonders. Do whatever makes you feel relaxed and happy. Do exercise . Exercise is a great way to lift your spirits when anxious or depressed. And it can trigger the release of feel-good chemicals called endorphins. Avoid bad habits. Alcohol, tobacco, or drugs may make you feel better in the short term, but they can make heart disease worse in the long run. Be positive. Try to find hope in every situation. Focus on what you can do. Set goals and work toward them to give yourself a sense of purpose. Treatment of depression. Watch for signs to be able to treat. Sometimes the symptoms are very vague such as: Fatigue, lack of energy, loss of appetite, feeling of emptiness, loss of interest in activities that used to be enjoyed, difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much. If these symptoms persist for more than two weeks, discuss them with your cardiologist, psychologist, or neuropsychologist. Your doctor may recommend treatments such as counseling or talk therapy, antidepressants, or both. In summary, heart failure is a cardiovascular disease that not only causes clinical symptoms but also causes stress, fatigue and negative emotions. Treatment of heart failure requires a combination of cardiologists and psychologists. Managing negative emotions improves heart failure through increased adherence to heart-healthy habits such as eating nutritious foods and exercising.
Điều trị suy tim hiệu quả cần có sự kết hợp của bác sĩ tim mạch và chuyên viên tâm lý
Điều trị suy tim hiệu quả cần có sự kết hợp của bác sĩ tim mạch và chuyên viên tâm lý
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