Radiofrequency ablation, treatment of benign thyroid tumors without surgery

Radiofrequency ablation for the treatment of benign thyroid tumors is a method of destroying tumors with heat caused by the friction of ions in the tissue under the influence of high-frequency alternating current. The heat generated by friction dries the surrounding tissue leading to cellular dehydration and coagulation of the thyroid tumor, thereby shrinking the tumor size over time.

1. Radiofrequency ablation in the treatment of benign thyroid nodules

Currently, in the world, the method of treating benign thyroid tumors with high-frequency waves has been implemented in developed countries such as the US, Japan, and Korea. With this treatment method, patients only need local anesthesia without general anesthesia, which is a safe and very effective non-surgical treatment method.
Radiofrequency ablation for benign thyroid tumors is a method of destroying tumors with heat caused by the friction of ions in the tissue under the influence of high-frequency alternating current, located in the range of sound. An electrode is placed in the center of the tumor and maintained at a destructive temperature of 60 -100°C. Electric current from the machine is passed into the tumor through a needle-shaped electrode, radio waves are passed into the needle tip and heat is generated. Frictional heat dries the surrounding tissue leading to intracellular dehydration and coagulation necrosis of the tumor.
The doctor inserts a needle into the tumor to burn it with high-frequency waves under the guidance of ultrasound. When performing radiofrequency ablation, the doctor only needs to anesthetize the treatment area, no skin incision is needed, the doctor does it while talking to the patient to know that there are no nerve complications. Burning time is only about 10-30 minutes, the patient almost does not feel pain. Thus, patients do not need surgery, feel less pain and can be discharged immediately after treatment, without dangerous complications, reducing treatment costs for patients.
This treatment technique is a very new technique that is also used to treat liver tumors, thyroid tumors, breast tumors, lung tumors, bone tumors, kidney tumors and muscle tumors based on the guidance of ultrasound, CT Scanner, and X-ray increased brightness.

2. Advantages of high-frequency burning method

This is a safe, highly effective, minimally invasive method, with a short hospital stay and a moderate cost. With the method of radiofrequency ablation, the patient does not need anesthesia, the time is about 30-60 minutes, less complications of burning the nerve to cause hoarseness, 1-2 hours after the intervention. Patients can go home for self-monitoring.
This treatment method helps to preserve maximum thyroid function with almost no effect on thyroid function and leaves no scars with high aesthetics. More specifically, the patient does not need to continue taking the drug after treatment. However, before deciding on the procedure, the patient should ask the doctor to consider the possible complications and the cost of treatment.
Đốt sóng cao tần, điều trị u lành tuyến giáp không cần mổ
Phương pháp điều trị đốt sóng cao tần giúp bảo tồn tối đa chức năng tuyến giáp, không để lại sẹo

3. Subjects can treat thyroid nodules by radiofrequency ablation

Not all benign tumors require treatment. Only large tumors with a size of at least 3 cm that become unsightly, have compression complications and manifest symptoms such as difficulty swallowing, pain, difficulty breathing are indicated for intervention. People with thyroid cancer, pregnancy, severe heart disease, and contralateral vocal cord paralysis cannot be treated with radiofrequency ablation.
Radiofrequency ablation technique has been successfully applied in the treatment of benign thyroid tumors at Vinmec Times City Hospital. After treatment at the hospital, the rate of patients with postoperative hematoma <20%, thyroid tumor size reduced by 30-50% volume after 1 month, 60-70% volume after 3 months, > 90% volume after 12 months.
The treatment is carried out by well-trained and experienced doctors in the field of endocrinology:
Master. BS. Bui Minh Duc Dr. BS. Pham Thi Hong Hoa BS. Nguyen Van Phan Thanks to its outstanding advantages, treatment of thyroid tumors by radiofrequency is applied not only in the treatment of benign nodular goiter but also being studied for the treatment of recurrent thyroid cancer in the lymph nodes.
In order to achieve the highest diagnostic and treatment efficiency, Vinmec has equipped the most modern imaging equipment system today, typically the GE Healthcare S9 ultrasound machine with flat transducer, high frequency, HD resolution for clear images. Radiofrequency ablation technique to treat thyroid tumors under ultrasound guidance allows the doctor to control the entire procedure, avoiding damage to blood vessels, nerves, trachea, esophagus, so it is very safe. while reducing the maximum tumor size.
Periodically after 1 - 3 - 6 months, the patient will be re-examined with an endocrinologist and radiologist who has directly performed the procedure for the most accurate and objective assessment results.

In April & May 2021, when there is a need for examination and treatment of thyroid tumors at Vinmec Central Park International General Hospital and Vinmec Da Nang International General Hospital, customers will enjoy dual incentives :
- Free specialist examination and free X-ray
- Reduce 50% of the cost for customers with appointment of post-examination treatment. The program is limited to the corresponding technique of each hospital and to customers who perform this treatment technique for the first time at Vinmec.

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