Treatment regimen for helminthiasis

Trichinella spiralis is a parasitic roundworm that lives in the small intestine of humans and causes disease. The cause of helminthiasis can be caused by eating undercooked pork or rat meat.

1. Development stages of helminths

Patients who eat meat containing undercooked worm larvae will put the cocoons in the stomach. Here the larvae will emerge from the cocoon and migrate to the small intestine in 1-2 hours. After 24 hours, the larvae develop into adult worms and invade the intestinal mucosa.
After 4-5 days female worms can lay larvae from 500-1000 in 4-6 weeks. Larvae will penetrate the circulatory system to the left heart and to the skeletal muscle, diaphragm, ... parasitize and create cocoons. After 10-15 days the cocoons with these larvae will be infectious. After a few weeks, the larvae of helminths enter the blood into the striated muscle (cocoon formation) and after 6-9 months, the cocoon gradually becomes calcified. Wormworm cocoons in the human body can survive for several years or even 20-30 years and still have the ability to infect
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Tiêu chảy là biểu hiện lâm sàng có thể gặp khi bị bệnh giun xoắn

2. How is helminthiasis diagnosed?

Toxocariasis is definitively diagnosed based on both clinical and subclinical symptoms. Clinical manifestations may include:
Eyelid edema: This is an early and characteristic sign of the disease, edema sometimes includes the head or spreads to the neck and upper extremities, may be accompanied by bleeding under the cornea, retina Muscle pain : Appears when taking a deep breath, coughing, chewing or defecating. Pain in both face and neck, pain when exercising and eating, speaking leading to muscle spasms and limitation of movement Mild fever gradually increases after 2-3 days, body temperature can reach 39-40°C Diarrhea , thirst, profuse sweating Feeling chills, fatigue, exhaustion Cardiovascular and neurological complications: Severe cases can lead to death due to myocardial failure in the first or second week. 3rd and 4th day may have complications of pneumonia, myositis, fatal encephalitis. and lasts 2-4 months after healing, severe form can increase up to 50-60% Anti-helminthic antibodies are detected by positive ELISA Fecal examination shows adult helminths or helminth larvae in the early stages of life Musculoskeletal examination showed helminthiasis cysts in full development
Thuốc rowatinex
Hiện nay vẫn chưa có thuốc đặc trị giun xoắn mà vẫn phải sử dụng đến các thuốc cổ điển cho nhóm giun tròn nói chung

3. Treatment of roundworm disease

Currently, there is no specific drug to treat roundworms, but we still have to use classic drugs for roundworms in general, especially with the larvae in the cocoon located in the muscle. The mainstay of treatment is to relieve symptoms and prevent complications. Some specific treatment drugs are as follows:
Praziquantel 10mg/kg can be combined with corticosteroids to reduce allergic reactions Albendazole 15mg/kg Thiabendazole 25mg/kg (side effects can cause slow digestion, dizziness and upper pain). , Nausea, Do not use for pregnant or lactating women) In addition, supportive treatment is required for the patient such as rehydration, electrolyte balance, antipyretic, analgesic and bed rest.
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