How to treat multifocal liver abscess forever?

Hello doctor!
I have a large liver fluke and a multifocal fluke abscess have been treated for nearly 6 months but the flukes and abscesses have not decreased. Doctor tell me how to treat multifocal liver abscess forever?
Looking forward to the doctor's advice, thank you!
Nguyen Thi Thuy (1986)
The doctor would like to answer the question: "What to do with a multifocal liver abscess that can't be cured forever? ” as follows:
Your case has been treated for a liver abscess caused by a parasite (liver fluke) but has not improved, indicating that your liver damage is complicated or the treatment regimen is poor. You need to go to Vinmec hospital or a hospital with hepatobiliary medicine to be assessed for the extent of the disease and treated.
Bring your test results (including CT/MRI) with you so the doctor can better assess your condition. Your doctor will adjust your regimen based on your previous medication and dose. Depending on the specific disease, the treatment options will vary.
Treatment methods for liver abscess include medical treatment (medication alone), abscess drainage (with purulent abscess), liver resection.
Complications of parasitic liver abscess are localized infection in the liver, sepsis, pneumonia, rupture of abscesses into adjacent spaces (lungs, abdomen, gastrointestinal tract, pericardium).
If you still have questions about this issue, you can go to a hospital under Vinmec Health System to check. Thank you for trusting and sending questions to Vinmec. Wishing you lots of health.
Best regards!

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Answered by Master, Doctor Dao Duc Dung - Specialist in Gastroenterology - Hepatobiliary Disease - Department of General Surgery, Vinmec Times City International Hospital

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