Having anxiety disorder, shaking limbs, what to do?

Hello doctor,
I have anxiety disorder, or sweat, nervousness, anxiety, tremors in the limbs, standing or losing balance, or fear and heart palpitations when nervous. The doctor asked me, what should I do if I have anxiety disorder and tremors?
Nguyen Van Dung (1992)
Answered by Master, Doctor Le Thi Thanh Huong - Emergency Medicine Doctor - Emergency Resuscitation Department, Vinmec Central Park International General Hospital.
With the question "What should I do if I have anxiety disorder, trembling limbs?", the doctor would like to answer as follows:
Your case is usually caused by psychological stress or sympathetic hyperactivity, Sometimes it is also a manifestation of some endocrine diseases such as: hyperthyroidism... Therefore, you should visit a general internist for an overall check-up, or you can also see a neurologist. or Psychiatry. From there, the doctor will determine the cause and advise the most appropriate treatment for you.
If you still have questions about anxiety disorders, you can go to a hospital of Vinmec Health System for further examination and advice. Thank you for trusting and sending questions to Vinmec. Wishing you lots of health.
Best regards!

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