How to eliminate toxins from the body with acute organophosphorus poisoning?

Hello doctor,
Can I ask how to remove toxins from the body with acute organophosphorus poisoning? Thank you doctor.
Anonymous customer
Answered by Master, Doctor Mai Xuan Thien - Emergency Department, Vinmec Times City International Hospital.
With the question "How to remove toxins from the body with acute organophosphorus poisoning? ”, the doctor would like to answer as follows:
Organophosphate poisoning is usually from pesticides used in agriculture, can be poisoned through many ways (digestive, respiratory, and also toxic through the skin). ), depending on the route of poisoning, the way to eliminate toxins is different, for example, through the skin, the contaminated clothing must be removed, the contact area must be washed with soap and plenty of clean water, through the respiratory tract, the infected person must be taken. If the victim gets out of the contaminated area right away, through the gastrointestinal tract, it can cause vomiting in the early stages, in medical facilities, a gastric lavage tube can be placed and multi-dose activated charcoal is taken.
All cases need to be treated at a medical facility specializing in antitoxicity to determine the degree of toxicity and treat antidotes (Atropin, Pralidoxim) according to the correct regimen.
If you still have questions about acute organophosphorus poisoning, you can go to a hospital under Vinmec Health System for further examination and advice. Thank you for trusting and sending questions to Vinmec. Wishing you lots of health.
Best regards!

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