How to limit the infection caused by catheterization for too long?

Hello doctor, I was paralyzed in one place, I had a urinary catheter for 15 years, so I had a urinary tract infection, before I used the antibiotic cefuroxime, now I am resistant to the drug, the disease keeps coming back again and again, Can you prescribe another antibiotic for me?
Nguyen Chi Tam (Phu Quoc)
Hello, I recommend you go to the doctor to have a urine culture, identify bacteria and have an antibiotic chart to choose the right antibiotic, I have been intubated for too long, is a condition for infection, you should see a surgical specialist to ask for a bladder catheterization on the pubic bone, to limit the infection, and to change the catheter is also easier and simpler. The procedure is also simple, requiring only local anesthesia to place the catheter.
Doctor CKI Nguyen Hung - Department of Examination & Internal Medicine - Vinmec Da Nang International General Hospital

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