How to reduce loud snoring while sleeping?

Hello doctor,
I have a chronic sore throat and recently when I sleep I snore very loudly, affecting other people's sleep. How can I reduce my loud snoring while sleeping? I thank you very much, Doctor!
Do Thi Kim Thuy (1968)
Snoring disease is caused by many causes: Cause from the nose and sinuses - tumors in the nose, dome, overgrown tonsils, tongue chicken is long, due to narrow throat, lower pharynx, deformity of maxillofacial bone... Each cause has its own treatment, so you need to visit a specialist to determine the exact cause. The cause of snoring can only be successfully treated.
Thank you for asking questions to Vinmec Health System! Best regards.
Specialist Doctor I Nguyen Tuan Lam - Ear, Nose Throat Doctor - Department of Medical Examination and Internal Medicine - Vinmec Ha Long International General Hospital.

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