Is an epidural for pain relief during labor safe for mother and baby?

I would like to ask if it is safe to use an epidural for pain during labor?
Thu Tra (1996)
Say hello to pregnant women. An epidural can be used to relieve pain during childbirth and is very safe for you and your baby.
Your anesthesiologist will discuss the benefits and side effects of epidural analgesia and discuss pain relief options with you as part of your prenatal care. In the United States, regional anesthesia, including an epidural, has been the most widely used method of analgesia in labor since 2000. Pain during labor is considered to be similar in severity to induced labor. by complex regional pain syndromes. Pain is not life-threatening in healthy women; However, if the right pain relief is not given, it can lead to postpartum depression or worse. In addition, labor pain is associated with post-traumatic stress disorder and impaired cognitive function.
To ease the pain of childbirth, Vinmec offers a maternity package with a complete "painless delivery" service during and after birth using non-morphine epidural and anaesthetic techniques. shy nerve. For women who have a caesarean section, they will be numbed by an ultrasound machine to treat pain after surgery. All pregnant women giving birth by caesarean section do not have to use morphine, pain after giving birth when moving and living is almost no longer recorded. During the birth process, the mother will be instructed by the midwives how to push to give birth. and breathing properly, the baby will be born in just 10-15 minutes.
Pregnant women will rest in a high-class hospital room, designed according to international hotel standards, 1 mother 1 room with full facilities and modern equipment. Mothers will be consulted by nutritionists on how to feed the baby before being discharged from the hospital. Postpartum follow-up with both mother and baby with leading Obstetricians and Pediatricians. If you are wondering and worried about which birth method to choose, you can go to reputable medical facilities to be examined and consulted by a doctor.
For more information about all-inclusive maternity service packages and registration, you can contact the hospitals and clinics of Vinmec health system nationwide.

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Answered by BSCKII Dinh Van Loc - Anesthesiologist - General Surgery Department - Vinmec Da Nang International General Hospital

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