Is the level of radiation exposure when taking a chest X-ray high?

Hello doctor, I was assigned to check my lungs with an X-ray machine, take a chest x-ray because I felt short of breath, after I got the picture, the doctor and nurse at the hospital called me so I thought I would call someone. another and continue chest compressions. I applied pressure like this for about 15-20 seconds, because it was a medical examination, the amount of radiation might be much higher than usual.. The doctor asked me if I was at risk of any complications? I thank you.
N (1988)
Hello, in this case you can rest assured, with all current X-ray machines, when taking a lung scan, the radiation time and dose of radiation is very low, almost no effect. What are the effects on health? And especially after the beam is emitted (about 0.2-0.3 seconds) it will automatically cut off even if you are standing in front of the photograph for a while longer, you will not be exposed to more rays, so don't worry.
Master, Doctor Nguyen Van Huong - Diagnostic Imaging Department - Vinmec Danang International Hospital

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