Shortness of breath, body fatigue, flank pain signs of what disease?

Hello doctor. I am having symptoms of shortness of breath, underlying pain near hydrocephalus, my body feels tired, the fever is gone but it is still difficult to breathe. Pain in the flanks is very uncomfortable. Please advise me on the case of shortness of breath, body fatigue, flank pain, what are the signs of disease?
Pham Chi Hieu (1992)
Hello, Hieu. Your case is usually in the following diseases: Gastrointestinal in general with chest wall syndrome. To check for more accurate results, you should go to the doctor and do paraclinical tests such as: gastroduodenal endoscopy, chest x-ray,...
You can go to a hospital under Vinmec Health System to consulted and conducted the above tests. We look forward to seeing you at Vinmec. Thank you for trusting and sharing the question "What are the signs of shortness of breath, body fatigue, flank pain?" . Best regards.
Answered by Master, Doctor Nguyen Tung Hoanh - Interventional Cardiologist - Resuscitation - Emergency Department - Vinmec Nha Trang International General Hospital

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