Splashing dry pus when sneezing is a symptom of what disease?

Hello doctor. In the throat when sneezing, there are often small dry pus-like particles like acne. And near the tongue there is a small acne hole, when I touch it, it's like squeezing a pimple with a lump. Now my throat is normal and there is no pain. The doctor asked me what my condition is?
Vi (1994)
Hello, your description is not clear, you can think of chronic tonsillitis or diseases with fistulas in the throat and mouth. You need to have an endoscopy of the nose and throat to be able to make an accurate diagnosis, from which a specific counseling and treatment plan can be developed for you. Thank you for your question to Vinmec Health System.
Specialist Doctor I Nguyen Tuan Lam - Department of Medical Examination and Internal Medicine - Vinmec Ha Long International General Hospital.

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