Ultrasound has not detected an intrauterine or ectopic pregnancy, what should I do?

Hello doctor! I missed my period, I took a 2 line test, now I have abdominal pain and bleeding, I went to an ultrasound, the doctor did not detect an internal or external pregnancy. I hope you can advise me on my case. Thanks for the advice doctor!
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Hello doctor! I'm 14 days late for my period. I tested it on 2 lines but I went for an ultrasound and it didn't show any pregnancy. Is there any chance of me having an ectopic pregnancy? The doctor asked me how many days late my period will have signs of an external pregnancy? I am very confused and hope you can give me some advice! Thank you doctor.
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Hello! Usually, the fetus is seen on ultrasound around the 5th week of pregnancy or when the hCG level reaches 1100. Before this time, the ultrasound will not be able to detect the fetus in the mother's body. Therefore, to confirm you are pregnant and exclude the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy, you should test the beta hCG level/blood and conduct a transducer ultrasound for an accurate diagnosis.
You can go to the Department of Obstetrics - Hospital under Vinmec Health System for more detailed advice from experienced doctors. Looking forward to meeting you to discuss and examine the current issue.
Thank you for trusting to share with Vinmec. Wish you good health.

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