What is the cause of red, bruised skin after drinking alcohol? How to treat?

Hello doctor!
Whenever I drink alcohol, I often get red in the face. Before, I just woke up, but now it doesn't go away, but I still have bruises on my skin, going cold is a pale bruised area. Doctor, tell me what is the cause of the red, bruised face after drinking alcohol? How is the treatment?
Diep Xuan Dung (1993)
After drinking alcohol, there will be dilation of blood vessels in the periphery, blood will concentrate in these peripheral vessels (causing red face). This can cause anemia to the central organs (such as the brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, etc.), which can cause dangerous symptoms such as low blood pressure, fainting, or damage to internal organs. organs. Unusual changes in skin pigmentation in the face or other areas of the body may suggest an underlying medical condition, you still need to see a doctor, a doctor will directly evaluate, do tests. (if necessary) and give you appropriate advice.
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Consulted by Specialist I Trieu Thi Hong Thai - Neonatologist - Neonatal Department - Vinmec Times City International Hospital.

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