What medicine to take for a cold and flu headache?

Hello, sir. I want to ask when I have a headache, flu, what medicine to take? Hope to receive the sharing of the doctor.
Minh Hoai (1986)
Hello. When you have a common cold or viral infection, you can take vitamin C supplements and drink lots of water. If there is a lot of headache, fever > 38.5 degrees, you can take pain reliever Paracetamol 500mg with a dose of 1 tablet, taken 4-6 hours apart. However, before taking the medicine, you should also see your doctor to determine if it is just a virus infection as well as for advice on how to treat colds and flu. In addition, you should limit self-medication without consulting your doctor.
You can go to the clinics or hospitals of Vinmec Health System to be checked and have specific indications for what medicine to take when you have a headache, cold, flu? Wishing you good health always.
Answered by Pharmacist Nguyen Thi Bich Phuong - Clinical Pharmacist - Faculty of Pharmacy - Vinmec Ha Long International Hospital

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