Why shouldn't acupressure be given to stroke patients?

Folk have acupressure method to treat stroke. However, as far as I know, doctors advise against using this method because it can be dangerous for patients. Why shouldn't acupressure be done with stroke patients? I hope the doctor can explain this to me more clearly.
Ha Thi Thu Thuy (1987)
People often mistakenly believe that Nhan Trung reflexology will have a therapeutic effect on stroke patients. However, practice shows that acupressure on the nucleus pulposus has no effect because that area is controlled by the 5th and 7th nerves, while the cause of a stroke is a blood vessel occlusion. brain or cerebral hemorrhage. Therefore, the acupressure treatment has no therapeutic effect, but even misses the golden time to save stroke patients. It should be known that after a stroke occurs, every minute that passes, there will be nearly 2 million brain cells dying and making the patient about 3 weeks older, the time it takes to lose how many brain cells and the rate of death. disability and increased mortality.
In the case of detecting a stroke patient, we need to assess whether the patient is awake or unconscious, breathing or not, and if not breathing, perform emergency treatment. At the same time, absolutely do not use measures that affect the patient's condition such as acupressure, acupressure, feeding, but must quickly contact and take the patient to the nearest medical center capable of treating stroke. .
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Consulted by Dr. Ton That Tri Dung - Head of Medical Examination and Internal Medicine - Department of Medical Examination & Internal Medicine - Vinmec Danang International General Hospital.

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