9 common mistakes when exercising

The article is professionally consulted by Master, Doctor Nguyen Thi Ngoc - General Internal Medicine - Endocrinology - Department of Examination & Internal Medicine - Vinmec Central Park International General Hospital. Doctor has more than 10 years of studying, researching and working in the field of endocrinology.
Those who go to the gym, swim, and learn martial arts every day regularly with the aim of improving health, losing weight, and gaining weight depending on the body. However, after each training session or after a few weeks of training, they still have not achieved their desired results such as not losing weight or gaining weight. It is possible that in the process of practicing, you have made a mistake, so the effect has not been achieved.

1. Why practice a lot but the body does not change

Besides exercise, nutrition is also very important. You can't just lose weight by just going to the gym and working out.
Sweating is not the only thing used to lose weight, because in fact it is just losing water in the body and this does not mean that you burn calories.
However, the problem that is of concern here is that many people often go to the gym, go to the gym, but do not do it properly. These subjects go to the gym but don't know how to use the equipment, nor how to exercise properly, so even if they try to practice, the effect they want to achieve will not be achieved. high. Some will feel discouraged and give up, the weight will continue to be an issue for them.

2. Common mistakes when doing gym

Có rất nhiều lỗi khi tập gym cần tránh
2.1. Not focusing to practice A lot of people come to the gym to spend a lot of time talking together. Time passed and the time they spent practicing was relatively low. So when you go to the gym, you need to really focus on your practice.
2.2. Do not increase the intensity during exercise If you exercise at an unnecessary level, this is considered a waste.
In addition to increasing exercise intensity, it is recommended to increase training time, increase weight and distance, cross-train, and maximize body weight when exercising.
2.3. Check your heart rate for training in the fat burning zone. This level is relatively low.
The higher the intensity of exercise, the more calories you will burn, not only at the gym, but this burning process also takes place even when you leave the gym.
2.4. Overestimating calories Don't be fooled by the readings on the heart rate monitor screen as this is just a general number and can have many variables.
You may look like you've burned 500 calories, but in reality it's only 250 calories.
Đôi khi đánh gia chỉ tiêu calo của máy kiểm tra chưa được chính xác
2.5. Do not change the exercise program when the results are not significant When you practice an exercise many times, there may be a change in your body at first, but over time this change will decrease. gradually.
Should limit regular exercise to the fitness equipment that you think is most comfortable.
You may enjoy aerobics, and it's about how much weight you lose, not how much muscle you maintain. Others are just focused on maintaining muscle mass and not interested in weight loss. In order to ensure the best results from your training, you should have a combination of exercises.
2.6. Fat loss in one spot The body can gain fat from anywhere on the body.
Need to implement a balanced exercise program, not just focusing on a single point. You will lose weight in all areas of the body.
2.7. Improper training technique When you don't know how to use the training equipment in the gym or perform the exercises incorrectly, it is easy to confuse calorie burning with training effectiveness.
Improper training will cause you to get injured, then you can't continue to exercise means you can't burn calories.
To avoid not knowing how to use exercise equipment, you should need assistance from experienced gym staff or you can hire a personal trainer.
A lot of people have misconceptions about maximizing weight loss through exercise. A good example is that sweating a lot means burning calories.
2.8. Exercise Too Much, Too Early Starting an exercise program too soon can cause you to feel undue pain. Being in pain is not necessarily a bad thing because this is how your body speaks after you exercise. But when you work too hard, especially too soon, it can have a negative effect on your motivation to exercise. In addition, in clinical practice, doctors have met many customers with high intensity and prolonged exercise that can cause muscle damage and increase CK enzyme levels (Creatin kinase). When the concentration of CK is high, it can cause crystals to block the renal tubules, which can cause tubular necrosis and acute kidney failure.
Another symptom of overtraining is fatigue, which will affect your performance. You can't keep burning calories in the gym.
You should have a personal exercise program, many gyms now have equipment to help you do this or you can ask the gym staff to help.
2.9. Do not practice with an accredited professional A true professional will ensure that you do not make these mistakes when training. A personal trainer will ensure you get the most out of your efforts.
So work with a certified personal trainer or an experienced gym worker to tailor your workout regimen. They help map out a personalized plan to suit your specific needs and make sure you're working out the right way, and they'll even give you proper dietary advice.
Fitness is now a trend and is chosen by many people. Exercise also brings many great benefits to health and body. However, to achieve the highest efficiency when practicing, you should pay attention and avoid making common mistakes when exercising to avoid wasting time, energy and unnecessary injuries.

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Article reference source: Webmd.com

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