Accumulation of old caesarean section may lead to secondary infertility

Article written by: Doctor Nguyen Ngoc Chien, Reproductive Support Center, Vinmec Times City International Hospital
The collection of incisional fluid and this overflowing into the uterine cavity can be considered a bottleneck in current assisted reproduction. The article by Doctor Nguyen Ngoc Chien - Reproductive Support Center of Vinmec Times City Hospital will help readers better understand the potential risks of this problem.

1. Accumulation of old caesarean section, the problem is not simple

Vietnam has the highest cesarean section rate in the world. This high rate has many different reasons, but it comes from both the patient and the doctor, and is caused both by our health system and by our social characteristics.
As an Assisted Reproductive Specialist, I see more and more cases of surgical site collection - this is the cause of secondary infertility. Many families have to undergo difficult and expensive treatment in order to have a second child. Unfortunately, up to now, despite their efforts, there is no effective solution to really solve the old caesarean section. The collection of incisional fluid and this overflowing into the uterine cavity can be considered a bottleneck in current assisted reproduction.
The reason why some patients have incisional fluid collection, while the majority of other patients do not have an exact explanation. In many documents, this problem is rarely encountered in developed countries. The reason is simple because the cesarean section rate in these countries is very low (between 15-20%). While this rate in Vietnam is over 50% in many places.

2. How to prevent surgical wound collection?

Dịch vết mổ đẻ cũ có nguy hiểm không?
Tụ dịch vết mổ có thể gây vô sinh

From my own experience and reference to the literature, I hypothesized that incisional fluid accumulation is closely related to surgical technique. So to prevent the accumulation of surgical wound, I would like to share a few experiences.
If you can give birth normally, it will be better. If there is an indication for a cesarean section or a cesarean section, it is not advisable to ask for an early surgery because of the choice of date and time. At early caesarean section, the lower uterine segment has not yet formed. As a result, the uterine muscle will be cut at the part that is still thick, leading to a lot of blood loss and the poor healing process leading to scar defects and incisional fluid accumulation. If surgery is indicated, surgery should be performed close to the due date to be better for the wound healing process. Choose a place to give birth as well as a doctor to operate on you if possible. Caesarean section is not usually a difficult technique, but there are actually difficult cases. Doctors who operate more socks will operate faster, but too fast or too long is not good. Not a doctor who cesarean section 15-20 minutes is a good one, caesarean section needs from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the case. If a doctor operates on a patient with a scar and a lot of fluid, that doctor is not doing well. Many people think, especially doctors, that the cause is the patient's physical condition. However, my experience shows that surgical technique plays a decisive role. At Vinmec hospital with advanced painless delivery method and a team of professional anesthesiologists and resuscitators, pregnant women will no longer have to endure painful pains. For pregnant women who have had a caesarean section, they will be anesthetized by an ultrasound machine in the treatment of postoperative pain. The results of the most recent evaluation of pain relief showed that: All pregnant women who have had a cesarean section do not have to use morphine, the pain after giving birth when moving and living is almost no longer recorded. This birth is the first time, you should not only worry about how to make this "mother round and square" but also think further about your reproductive future, because it may cause many difficulties after the first birth. for the next birth. Master doctor. Nguyen Ngoc Chien has been trained as well as certified by many famous medical universities in the country and the world. With many years of experience in the field of obstetrics and gynecology, she is currently working at the Reproductive Center of Vinmec Times City International Hospital.

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