Art therapy for autistic children

Around the world, “Art therapy” is a therapeutic tool channel that has effective and positive effects on young people, especially on the autism spectrum, communication difficulties, and trauma. mentality...

1. The role of art therapy in treating children with autism

For autistic children, "painting" is a positive tool to help children receive information, improve memory, and increase observation; hand-eye coordination, improving fine motor ability, gross motor ability, sensory-emotional regulation, helping children train their ability to focus attention, control behaviors consciously through substances materials, tools and colors.
Especially, painting is also a "communication" tool for children, helping to reduce language barriers, helping children confidently express themselves and communicate with the world around them better. Or simply help children relieve stress so that they are more comfortable for other important lessons.
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2. Intervention Program - Educating children with autism at Vinmec

The clinic and educational psychology unit of Vinmec Times City Hospital's Center for Regenerative Medicine is a place where painting therapy is used for autistic children with a program that is tailored to each individual and child. Children will be able to participate in artistic therapy activities. Under the guidance of the therapist, children will learn to play with colors with different materials. Practice observation, imitation and fine motor skills through the following exercises:
Draw lines according to the Danish method. Drawing coloring book. Relaxing through activities with color: playing with color throwing, splashing colors (watercolor, paint color, acrylic color...) Drawing activities according to music and emotions. Make pictures and 3D models with materials such as homemade clay from flour, corn foam, paper, foam... Make your own handmade toys or decorations from familiar objects around the child such as: brushes, paper cups, paper and toilet paper cores... In addition, there are many small exercises designed to help children clear their mind and learn many new skills. With her skills, techniques and experience, the therapist will interact and connect with the child in a holistic way from caring about the child's emotional feelings to assessing the skills that the child has. to deliver lessons tailored to each child. We hope that with these interesting experiences, children will create for themselves new and meaningful emotions and messages for their lives.
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The clinic and educational psychology unit of the Center for Regenerative Medicine Vinmec Times City Hospital is a pioneer in applying scientific and artistic methods to evaluate and treat children with autism, bringing high efficiency. .
Fields of educational interventions for children with autism at Vinmec
Pediatric psychiatry. Clinical psychology - educational psychology. Special education. Speech therapy. Meditation - therapeutic yoga. Music therapy. Art therapy. The team of doctors, therapists and teachers at the Center are trained at prestigious schools: University of Education, University of Social Sciences and Humanities - Hanoi National University, Academy of Management At the same time, they regularly study to improve their skills through short-term and long-term training courses at home and abroad with leading experts from the US, Australia, India, and Italy.

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