9 ways to improve your posture

Improper posture not only adds stress to the spine, but also puts stress on bones, muscles and joints. Posture can make it harder for your internal organs to function. Over time, that will make it difficult for you to digest food or get enough air. Here are tips for you to improve your posture.

1. Upright posture

A great way to prevent posture problems is to stay upright. You will feel better, look better, slimmer and more even in this pose. Pretend you are standing against a wall to measure your height. Keep your head straight and chin up. Shoulders slightly back, knees straight and stomach pulled in. Do not allow the torso or hips to protrude. Keep your body straight so you feel like your head is reaching for the sky.
9 cách để cải thiện tư thế của bạn
Hãy giữ tư thế đứng thẳng

2. Don't bend over when sitting at your desk

Feel free to relax, maybe even lean back and turn a little. But that's not a pretty pose. Try this instead: Stay fully upright in your chair. Place a small, rolled up towel or cushion at the back of your waist to preserve the natural curve of your spine. Bend your knees at a right angle and keep them at the same height or slightly above your hips. Place your feet flat on the floor.

3. Pay attention to neck posture when reading messages

You can read your messages and check your phone all day. It only takes about a minute to stretch your neck when you tilt your head down to check a message, but over the course of a day or a year this stretch can add up. For better vision, pick up your phone and move your eyes, not sitting with your head down.
9 cách để cải thiện tư thế của bạn
Nhấc điện thoại và di chuyển mắt chứ không phải tư thế ngồi cúi gục xuống

4. Don't sit down while driving

You will certainly feel great and comfortable in a reclining position during a long drive. But it's not good for your posture. Instead, pull the seat closer to the steering wheel and try not to lock your legs and bend your knees slightly. The sides of the knees should be at hip level or slightly higher. Don't forget to put a pillow or rolled towel behind your back to support your back.

5. Be careful with high heels

High heels can make you look more fashionable, but they are not a tool to help you build a good posture. High heels will push the base of your spine forward, causing your back to arch excessively. That can change the alignment of the spine and put pressure on the nerves, causing back pain. Sky-high boots also put more weight on your knees. So choose a lower heel for everyday wear.
9 cách để cải thiện tư thế của bạn
Lựa chọn một đôi giày cao gót thấp sẽ giúp bạn giữ dáng tốt hơn

6. Keep your body upright

If your gait looks sluggish, lack of vitality will lead to pressure on your spine. You need to keep the bones and joints straight, not bent, crooked by keeping the body walking, sitting, performing activities in an upright position.

7. Take a nap properly

Nap time is important so you should not ignore it. Choose a firm base that helps keep the natural shape of your spine. If you are a person who has a habit of sleeping on your side, bend your knees slightly but do not hug them. Place a pillow under your head so that it is level with your spine. Those who sleep on their back should ditch the thick pillow and choose a small pillow under the neck.

8. Exercise and tone abdominal muscles

Too much weight around the belly area will put extra strain on your back. You need strong muscles to support your spine. A well-designed exercise plan will keep your body and spine in tip-top shape. If you want, you can try non-impact exercises like tai chi.
9 cách để cải thiện tư thế của bạn
Xây dựng một kế hoạch tập luyện phù hợp với bản thân

9. Check for Posture Problems

It is difficult to anticipate possible problems. If you're not sure, here's a quick way to check. Place your back against the wall. Move your feet out 6 inches from the base of the wall. After taking steps where your lower back and neck aren't about 2 inches from the wall, you should talk to your doctor about ways to improve your posture.

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Reference source: webmd.com

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