After squeezing acne, what should I do to not be bruised?

Skin care after squeezing acne plays an important role in the recovery and beauty of the skin later. The question of what to do after squeezing acne, which is of great interest to many people. Please refer to the article below to know how to properly care for your skin after squeezing acne.

1. Some things to know after squeezing acne

The treatment of acne after squeezing acne is of great interest to many people, because it affects the beauty of the skin later. Here are some issues to keep in mind after squeezing acne, what should you do to avoid darkening?
Remove all the acne You need to make sure you have removed all the acne, the removal of acne will help the skin recover quickly after squeezing the acne. If there is still a white nucleus or residual pus, the acne will not only not collapse but also quickly grow back. Besides, bacteria from the acne can also spread to the surrounding area, making other acne spots easier to emerge.
Ideally, you should only use enough force to get the acne core, do not squeeze the acne too hard, it will make the skin red and leave dark.
Blood and yellow fluid will continue to leak out when the acne is removed. Do not apply any solution or product to the skin at this time. If you do so, the yellow fluid will spread to the surrounding skin, causing infection. Let the skin rest for at least 10 minutes, use a cotton ball or cotton swab to dab on the acne to absorb pus and fluid
Clean the skin After squeezing the acne will leave lesions on the skin surface, depending on the acne. Depending on the type of acne, the condition of the acne at that time and the place where it was squeezed, it causes damage to different degrees.
Skin cleansing is the answer to the question of what to do after squeezing acne. Cleansing the skin is an extremely important step to avoid and limit inflammation, infection or irritation after squeezing acne. You should use physiological saline to clean the skin instead of using facial cleansers. Because most facial cleansers on the market today contain ingredients that irritate open wounds.
Làm sạch da sau khi nặn mụn giúp giảm vết thâm
Làm sạch da sau khi nặn mụn giúp giảm vết thâm
To achieve the best cleaning effect, it is recommended to wash it off with clean water, then use a makeup remover or a clean cotton towel soaked in physiological saline and then wipe over the entire face gently,
Note that every operation The action must be very gentle so that the skin is not subjected to more strong impacts causing any other damage. Particularly for those of you with dry skin, please clean with water again to avoid the situation of salt radicals that make the skin dehydrated, lack water and darken.
Apply special products The skin after squeezing acne is in a very sensitive and easily irritated condition. Therefore, use special products prescribed by a dermatologist instead of taking care of your skin as usual.
Please strictly follow the instructions of your doctor or dermatologist so that the acne wound does not become worse. Absolutely do not use products of unknown origin, products containing ingredients that have peeling, abrasive, whitening properties such as cream, alcohol,...
Prevent harmful effects from UV rays UV rays are one of the leading factors that cause the skin to appear dark and dark. Therefore, limit your movement outside in hot weather, it is best to stay indoors for a few days for the skin to recover. In case it is necessary to go out, apply sunscreen, which is for post-acne, sensitive skin to actively protect your skin. Besides, please cover carefully before going out.
Ngăn ngừa tiếp xúc với tia UV sau khi nặn mụn

Absolutely do not touch your face Absolutely do not touch your face is the most basic rule that everyone needs to know. Because on our hands there are many types of bacteria, so touching your face means transferring bacteria directly from your hands to your face, causing inflammation and infection of open wounds.
Limit exercise and sports After squeezing acne, you should limit exercise, because exercise will cause sweat glands to be overactive and escape easily causing inflammation and infection. skin infection, causing acne to occur. Rest for about 2-3 days after squeezing acne, you can exercise normally.
Limit makeup After squeezing acne, if you apply makeup, it will inadvertently cause irritation to the open wound. Please limit makeup, to allow the skin to breathe will help the wound heal faster.
Pause the step of dead cells in the skin care routine. Normally, the exfoliating step is done about 2 times a week to help the pores completely clean and clear. However, to avoid skin irritation, pause this for a period of time after squeezing the pimple.

2. Some types of mask should be applied after squeezing acne

After squeezing acne, what should I do to get rid of dark spots is the question of many of you. In addition to some of the above notes, after squeezing acne, you should apply a mask from some natural ingredients to quickly improve your skin and prevent acne. Some ingredients are often used as masks such as turmeric, aloe vera, tomatoes, potatoes, ... These natural ingredients have benign characteristics, so they are safe to use. For best results, use these masks twice a week.
Fresh turmeric mask combined with sugar-free milk and honey Fresh turmeric, unsweetened fresh milk and honey are all familiar ingredients in women's beauty recipes. The combination of these three ingredients creates a mixture that helps skin to be smooth, healthy, and prevents darkening after squeezing acne.
Sử dụng mặt nạ nghệ và mật ong giúp ngăn ngừa vết thâm sau khi nặn mụn

Method: Crush 1 fresh turmeric root, then squeeze out the water and mix it with fresh milk without sugar and 1 tablespoon of honey to mix into a smooth paste. Apply the mixture all over your face and relax for about 15 minutes. Then rinse gently with warm water.
Mask to prevent darkening with aloe vera Aloe vera is a popular ingredient in beauty, which has been proven by many scientific studies to have a beauty effect. Aloe vera extract, also known as aloe vera gel, contains a large amount of cinnamic acid, B vitamins and folic acid, which have the ability to stimulate the regeneration of new tissues and remove dead cells extremely effectively. Not only that, aloe vera also possesses antibacterial properties that help inhibit the growth of bacteria called P.acnes. Take some aloe vera, peel it and wash it to remove the slime. Puree this meat and apply it on the skin for about 10-15 minutes. This mask will help prevent dark spots after squeezing acne effectively.
Ngừa vết thâm sau khi nặn mụn bằng mặt nạ nha đam

Above are a few skin care notes after squeezing acne to limit acne darkening. Please refer and apply for your skin to recover quickly after squeezing acne. If you have any questions, please contact a dermatologist for advice and support.

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