Back acne: Causes and solutions

Just like acne on the face, back acne occurs because of clogged pores. The oil glands continue to produce oil, but when it comes back on, your body considers it a foreign substance and creates inflammation. Clogged, inflamed pores can lead to superficial and deep cystic acne.

1. Types of acne on the back

Types of acne lesions that can occur on your back include:
Whiteheads (closed acne): A whitehead develops when a hair follicle becomes clogged and sits underneath your skin, forming a nod white acne. Blackhead: When a clogged hair follicle located on the surface of your skin opens, it forms a blackhead. Blackheads appear as a result of a reaction between sebum and air. Pimples: Acne lesions that appear as small pink and sometimes tender bumps on the skin are called papules. This type of acne does not contain pus and forms when a hair follicle becomes clogged and inflamed. Pustules: Also known as nodules, pustules are a white or yellow pus-filled papule with a red background. These lesions are also caused by inflammation of the blocked hair follicle. The accumulation of white blood cells causes the cyst to fill with pus. Acne: This type of acne forms when bacteria are also trapped in the hair follicle. These lesions develop deep below the surface of your skin, where it hardens and forms a large, painful nodule. Deeper lesions affect tissue that causes inflammation. Cysts: Cysts are larger, pus-filled acne lesions that form when bacteria become trapped in a hair follicle. With cystic acne, the infection goes deeper into the skin, creating a painful lump that can leave a permanent scar.
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2. What causes back acne?

Just like acne on the face, back acne occurs due to clogged pores. The sebaceous glands that oversee oil production in the skin exist in areas of the body and can become clogged no matter where they are. Usually, these blockages are caused by dead skin cells accumulating inside the pores. The oil glands continue to produce oil, but when it comes back, your body treats this as foreign matter and creates inflammation. Clogged, inflamed pores can lead to superficial and deep cystic acne.
However, the main difference between facial and body acne is that inflammation can also occur around the hair follicles. It's called folliculitis and can occur anywhere there is hair (like the back, chest, or buttocks). It may look like acne on the surface, but what's happening underneath may have more to do with bacteria than dead skin cells.
Another cause of back acne is friction, such as backpacks, chair backs and exercise equipment rubbing against your back. These effects cause sweat and dead skin cells ... to be pushed down the pores, leading to irritation, acne.
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3. How to properly treat acne on the back?

The treatment for back acne , folliculitis and mechanical acne are quite similar. The same ingredients that help with acne on the face, like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, can also help with body acne. In particular, keeping the acne-prone area clean and exfoliating is a must.
However, prevention is more effective than treatment. So always make sure to shower as quickly as possible after your workout and change into dry clothes to prevent sweat from sticking to your skin (wear moisture-wicking clothing during sports).
Continue to use skin care products, such as body washes and exfoliants, even if your skin is clear of acne. Skin care can be effective for mild to moderate cases of back acne, but if your condition is severe or you notice that it doesn't go away despite treatment, see a dermatologist.
To help patients with back acne get the best results, dermatologists recommend the following:
Cleanse skin gently Stop skin care products with harsh detergents Use products and oil-free skin care products Avoid using anything that rubs your back, such as backpacks Protect your skin from the sun Change your bed sheets and pillowcases weekly . In short, the cause of back acne is due to clogged pores or friction with backpacks and chairs,... Finding out the cause of back acne will help quickly treat as well as limit recurrence acne.

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