How to use rose water for acne skin

Rose water has long been known for its many beauty benefits for the skin. Besides skin care, many people also use rose water to treat acne. So can rose water treat acne and if so, how to use rose water to treat acne?

1. What is the use of rose water?

Rose water is the common name of a product line derived from nature, extracted from rose petals. Currently, most manufacturers often combine rose water with some other minerals to add the best nutrients to the user's skin. Rose water often has a mild, pleasant scent with many useful uses.
Rose water helps to add essential nutrients to the skin such as a large amount of vitamin A and vitamin C and anti-aging substances, helping to prevent, reduce wrinkles, anti-aging, reduce dark circles, help skin always youthful. Besides, the essences in rose water also have antiseptic and antibacterial effects.
Rose water is quite mild, brings moisturizing, cooling effects to the skin, shrinks and tightens pores, helps skin become smoother and softer, fades crow's feet, wrinkles on the skin. and firmer skin.
After removing makeup and washing your face, using rose water is the last step to deep clean the skin to remove impurities and dirt left on the skin.
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2. Can rose water treat acne?

In rose water contains anti-inflammatory substances, reduces swelling and cleans pores for acne, so rose water also has the effect of supporting acne skin treatment.
Users should choose products containing salicylic acid or pores to help reduce inflammation caused by acne, reduce redness caused by acne, and promote skin recovery. For acne-prone skin, this toner is highly appreciated for its ability to control sebum and kill acne-causing bacteria. In addition, the essences in rose water also have a very good antiseptic and antibacterial effect, so that the skin is always protected against harmful bacteria, preventing the formation of acne on the skin.
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Cách dùng nước hoa hồng trị mụn
Cách dùng nước hoa hồng trị mụn

3. How to use rose water to treat acne?

To choose the right type of rose water for acne skin, it is necessary to ensure the following requirements:
Rose water provides moderate moisture, suitable for acne skin (acne skin is usually oily skin); Rose water has the ability to control oil, helping the skin not to be greasy; Good bactericidal ability, deep clean pores to help skin clear and clean; Contains acne treatment ingredients to help acne quickly collapse, prevent acne blemishes from appearing; Has the ability to soothe skin irritation, redness, itching, reduce pain, burning on acne areas. Most rose water contains alcohol, a small amount of alcohol will increase the antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, reduce swelling and clean the skin. However, the side effects of alcohol are very easy to irritate the skin, easy to thin the skin, reduce moisture and cause dry skin. Therefore, for the best skin care, it is necessary to choose a rose water with an appropriate alcohol concentration:
Less than 10%: suitable for dry skin; Over 20%: suitable for most different skin types; Over 60%: especially for oily skin. More specifically:
Dry skin: need to avoid products with high alcohol content, an alcohol-free toner product recommended by experts. Normal and combination skin: products with moisturizing effects and with an alcohol content of less than 20% are the most appropriate choice, in addition, users can use rose water containing more exfoliating active ingredients such as: AHA . Oily skin: Toner has astringent properties that are recommended to use. Acne-prone skin: should use toner products containing salicylic acid less than 2% and avoid using this type of toner for the eye area. People who are suffering from acne can use rose water regularly 2 times / day, morning - evening to achieve the best effect. Rose water is used after 2 steps: removing makeup and washing face with a specialized cleanser. Take a small amount of rose water on a cotton pad and gently apply it all over the face and neck, patting the skin for absorption.
In addition, rose water can temporarily replace makeup remover: before washing our face, we should remove makeup on the skin, if there is no makeup remover available, you can use rose water instead, use cotton Remove makeup with rose water and clean the eye area first, then the rest of the skin.
Note, for rose water, it is necessary to close the lid after each use, do not use more than 8 months after opening the lid, you can put rose water in the refrigerator for 5 minutes before use for the product to develop. full effect.
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