Is belly fat dangerous to health?

Belly fat is not simply a cosmetic problem, but it is also an incalculable danger to health. You may be content with your waistline, but your health is facing many risks. When you know the dangers of belly fat, you will definitely want to lose belly fat immediately.

1. Is belly fat dangerous?

The problem with belly fat is that it's not limited to the subcutaneous fat layers. It also includes visceral fat, which is the layer of fat deep inside the abdomen that surrounds the internal organs.
No matter your weight, a lot of belly fat can increase your risk of the following diseases:
Body imbalance: This is the first visible harm of people with a lot of belly fat, body become bulky, ugly, the stretched abdominal skin will become cracked and unsightly. People with a lot of belly fat consider it a defect of the body. Since then, I have lost confidence, not daring to wear the clothes I love, greatly affecting my life and work. Bad effects on bones and joints: Too much belly fat puts the bones and joints of the body under a great deal of pressure, over time making them prone to degeneration, causing pain and difficulty walking. High blood fat, fatty liver: The larger the abdomen, the more fat is accumulated, the metabolism in the body is affected and the risk of dyslipidemia is also increased. Moreover, when there is too much fat in the blood, even if the liver is working at full capacity, it will not be able to remove all the excess fat in the blood. Excess fat will accumulate in the liver and cause fatty liver. Fatty liver left untreated for a long time can cause cirrhosis and liver cancer. Cardiovascular disease: Abdominal obesity is often accompanied by dyslipidemia or high cholesterol. High cholesterol causes fibrosis of the blood vessels, hindering blood circulation in the body. The heart muscle is deprived of blood and oxygen, so it is no longer effective, quickly weakened and sick. More dangerously, if the plaque in the vessel wall is too thick, it can cause a complete embolism, at this time the risk of heart attack and stroke is very high. Diabetes: Belly fat is also strongly linked to diabetes. Belly fat is also one of the causes of type 2 diabetes. That's why many experts say that breast size is directly proportional to the risk of diabetes. Hormonal disorders: The more belly fat increases, the more hormones in the body will be disturbed. Hormonal disorders not only cause conditions such as insomnia, irritability, acne, dull skin, menstrual cycle changes... but it can also cause many other dangerous problems. to the body, even increasing the risk of cancer. Risk of breast cancer: Not only happens to women, but even men with belly fat can get breast cancer more easily. Because the higher the amount of fat in the body, the more estrogen will be produced, the risk of breast cancer also increases. In addition to the risk of breast cancer, women with abdominal obesity also face a relatively high risk of ovarian cancer.
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Many studies around the world have shown how dangerous belly fat is to human health. Research from one million British women has demonstrated a double risk of heart disease in women with larger waistlines. For every 2.5cm increase in waist circumference, the risk of cardiovascular disease increases by 10%.
Another study of 3,000 perimenopausal and menopausal women in Mumbai, India, found that those with waist circumferences almost as large as their hips were three to four times more likely to develop breast cancer than women Women of normal weight and waist circumference.
Large waist circumference also increases the risk of developing dementia in women, even if they are of normal weight. According to the results of a study of more than 350,000 men and women in Europe, belly fat also doubles the risk of premature death, even at normal body weight.

2. Causes of belly fat formation

Inactivity: This condition often occurs in office workers due to the habit of sitting for many hours continuously, the body is not exercised, which will cause energy and fat to not be released but accumulate into the body. excess fat in the abdomen. Unhealthy living habits: A lot of belly fat is the result of staying up a lot at night, eating at night or drinking a lot of carbonated drinks,... Excessive alcohol consumption can be the cause. lead to more belly fat in men. However, beer is not the only "culprit" leading to belly fat. Improper nutrition: Eating too much fried food, containing a lot of fat; limit fiber from vegetables; Not drinking enough water is the main cause of belly fat. Hormonal changes: Hormonal changes in women during puberty, pregnancy, perimenopause and menopause or during the first few months of taking birth control pills can also cause fat deposits. The belly in women is higher than in men. Age and genetics: Age also plays a role in the formation of belly fat. As you age, your muscles will gradually decrease, especially when you are not physically active. A lot of muscle loss can reduce the amount of calories burned, making it difficult for you to maintain a safe weight. Genetics is also a factor that makes you overweight or obese as well as determines where your excess fat will accumulate. However, you do not need to worry too much about this, because simply balancing your calorie intake with daily physical activity can limit weight gain, regardless of age or genetics.

3. Losing weight can reduce belly fat

To lose weight, you can apply the following measures:
Eat in moderation: You should focus on using plant-based foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains. In addition, choose lean protein sources such as fish and low-fat dairy products, and limit consumption of saturated fats found in meat or high-fat dairy products such as butter and cheese. . You should also limit your use of processed meats, and instead provide a moderate amount of saturated fat from fish, nuts and vegetable oils; Replace sugary drinks: Instead of drinking sugary drinks, you should drink water or drinks with less sugar. Belly fat not only makes you lack of confidence but it also has bad effects on health. You should build a healthy menu along with good habits to quickly lose belly fat effectively.
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Ăn uống điều độ có thể giảm mỡ bụng

4. Effective prevention of belly fat formation

A lot of belly fat is really dangerous for your health. Therefore, it is best to take measures to prevent belly fat to protect your long-term health.
Pay attention to control your weight, because overweight and obesity are the leading causes of belly fat. Avoid foods that contain a lot of fat, limit sweets and fast foods. Do not sit in one place for too long and when sitting, you need to sit up straight so that the fat does not accumulate in the abdomen and accumulate there, causing belly fat. Taking advantage of all the time to exercise such as walking, cycling ... is also an effective way to reduce belly fat. Sleep early, get enough sleep so that the appetite hormone is not secreted excessively, you can easily control your daily food intake, effectively limiting belly fat. Absolutely do not eat late at night because this is the cause of obvious belly fat. Exercising at least 3 times a week will significantly reduce the risk of belly fat. In short, belly fat is not simply a cosmetic problem, but it is also an incalculable danger to health, such as adversely affecting bones and joints, increasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, ... Therefore, implementing weight loss measures as well as leading a healthy lifestyle will help you have a fit body.

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