Is rhinoplasty with ear cartilage permanent?

Cartilage-covered rhinoplasty is a popular method used in rhinoplasty today that many people choose to have a high and beautiful nose bridge. However, many people wonder if the method of rhinoplasty is permanent? as well as safety. The following article will help readers learn more about this method.

1. What is a rhinoplasty with ear cartilage?

Cartilage-covered rhinoplasty is a method used in rhinoplasty, using a combination of both artificial cartilage and autologous cartilage in which mainly ear cartilage is used to intervene, quickly create topography of the bridge of the nose, overcome defects in the nose. nose, high nose shape, soft. The method of rhinoplasty with cartilage has many outstanding advantages compared to other methods of rhinoplasty. Therefore, this is the most chosen method of beautifying the nose.

2. Advantages of the method of rhinoplasty with ear cartilage

Rhinoplasty with ear cartilage helps create a high, natural nose bridge, compact nose tip, and harmonize the face. This is the most prominent advantage of the rhinoplasty method compared to other methods. The cartilage of the ear is flexible, thin, and has a curvature similar to the tip of the nose, so it is very suitable to cover the head with artificial cartilage material in nose plastic surgery. Over time, the artificial cartilage and the cartilage head will integrate harmoniously, stably and without showing any aesthetic signs. Overcoming complications such as a shiny, red, or even punctured nose tip in rhinoplasty using only artificial cartilage. Using ear cartilage attached to the tip of the nose has the effect of minimizing the friction of the artificial cartilage on the tip of the nose. As a result, the nose will be less red, revealing the bridge of the nose, feeling more natural. Safe, ensuring aesthetics for both ears and nose: To perform the cosmetic process, the doctor will only take out a very small part of the cartilage in the ear. Therefore, it will not affect or affect the structure of muscle tissue or the nerves in the ear. No bad scars on the nose: Rhinoplasty with ear cartilage is used on the inside of the nose at the position of the nasal pillar. Therefore, after recovery, the nose will be natural, there are no signs of surgery, the entire scar is not exposed. Besides, with today's modern technology, the technique of using cosmetic sutures minimizes the risk of scarring. The cartilage-covered rhinoplasty method does not interfere too deeply into the nasal structure, the level of invasiveness is only in moderate level and the implementation time is only 45-60 minutes.
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Nâng mũi bọc sụn tai có vĩnh viễn không là thắc mắc của nhiều người đang có ý định nâng mũi

3. Who should perform rhinoplasty with ear cartilage?

People with flat, flat, low, upturned nose or short nose tip Protruding nose bridge The nose bridge is deviated or has complications from previous surgeries.

4. Is rhinoplasty with ear cartilage safe?

In principle, the rhinoplasty technique with ear cartilage only affects the skin tissue to place the cartilage, so it will not cause damage to the nose system as well as the function of the nose. Therefore, the risk of dangerous occurrence during surgery is almost non-existent.
However, the safety of the surgery as well as the swelling, gloss, and redness of the nose also depends on the address and skill of the performer. Therefore, to ensure safety as well as best results, it is advisable to choose reputable centers and facilities.
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Nâng mũi bọc sụn tai là phương pháp nâng mũi được nhiều người lựa chọn

5. Is rhinoplasty with ear cartilage permanent?

Whether rhinoplasty is permanent or not depends on many factors. According to experts, the method of rhinoplasty can be kept up to 20 years. Many rhinoplasty surgeries can last longer with good care.
Other factors affecting quality:
5.1 Skill of the doctor A highly qualified and professional doctor, in the process of performing rhinoplasty, will control risks well and ensure safety. absolute while performing as well as minimizing the level of invasiveness and complications.
Beautiful stitches, fast healing and the longest possible time to maintain beauty.
5.2 Cartilage material Whether or not the rhinoplasty is permanent depends a lot on the quality of the lifting cartilage. The material of artificial cartilage must be the highest grade cartilage, with high compatibility with the body, to ensure absolute safety when transplanting into the body of the performer.
5.3 Follow the closed procedure properly. The performance of 1 minor surgery to remove ear cartilage must follow a closed and regulated process: performed in a sterile operating room to ensure no infection and irritant.
5.4 Post-operative care This is the final decisive factor to help the nose after surgery to recover according to the body's skin regeneration process without any complications. It should be noted:
Clean the nose with physiological saline to help clean, antibacterial, take medicine as directed by the doctor, do not arbitrarily buy external medicine or take it. Add foods rich in vitamins and minerals to help speed up the healing process. Do not eat foods that easily leave scars, cause festering, swelling, and pain such as sticky rice, beef, chicken, seafood. , water spinach,... Should choose foods that help heal scars quickly. In addition, the quality of cartilage-covered rhinoplasty can be kept for a long time or not depends on the location of each person. Some people after rhinoplasty, the ear cartilage will keep its shape forever, but there are people who only have 1 time, then the ear cartilage will shrink according to the mechanism that affects the shape of the nose.
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