Shaving: Pros and cons, side effects and how to do it

Like any other type of body hair, shaving is a highly aesthetic hobby among men. However, shaving can carry certain risks. Therefore, you should learn about the pros and cons, the side effects as well as the proper shaving procedure.

1. Is shaving harmful?

Contrary to popular belief, beards will not grow back thicker after shaving. Similarly, the color, density, and growth rate of the beard are not affected by the shaving process. However, this can give a coarser feel because shaving leaves the hair straight and has a blunt edge.
During periods of strong hormonal changes (eg puberty), the thickness of the beard may change. Androgen, a male sex hormone found in both sexes during puberty, can cause changes in beard thickness and texture.

2. Advantages of shaving

Many men like to grow their beard, but some want to remove or trim the beard neatly. According to dermatologists, shaving will bring a number of benefits such as:
Shaving helps you prevent sweating, which in turn can reduce the smell of sweat. Prevent bacteria from living and growing.

3. Side effects of shaving

Hair or beard removal on any part of the body can cause unwanted side effects, including.
Shaving with a dull blade can lead to ingrown hairs Formation of burns, razor wounds. Skin irritation can also occur in the form of folliculitis, an inflammation of the hair follicles that are uneven skin tone. Shaving folliculitis can create raised, raised scars on the skin Razor burns can occur when:
You use an old blade Shave without using cream or lubricants. Shave incorrectly and shave too fast
Khi cạo râu nên chú ý đến chọn lưỡi dao và dùng thêm gel hoặc kem khi cạo
Khi cạo râu nên chú ý đến chọn lưỡi dao và dùng thêm gel hoặc kem khi cạo

4. How to shave properly

When shaving properly will help reduce side effects. If you've never shaved before, you might consider trimming your hair with scissors and an electric razor before doing it with a manual razor blade. This will keep the blade sharp, making shaving smoother and simpler.
In short, shaving can pose the risk of ingrown hairs, razor burns, and skin irritation. If you exfoliate and use a lubricating gel, you will have less irritation.
Once you know the advantages and disadvantages as well as how to shave safely, you can proceed to follow the instructions above to bring the highest efficiency.

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Reference source: .healthline.com

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